Oldest & Finest Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation.

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"Oldest & Finest" Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation.
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English is the key to career growth and one's employment opportunities amplify multiple times. In addition to the mother tongue those who can speak English confidently are in high demand by companies, be it national or international companies. Freshers with proficiency and certainty in speaking and understanding English have a leading edge over others.

English is the most universally spoken language in the globe. One out of five people can communicate in English!


BSL British School of Language


BSL is a trendsetter, a brand name that signifies dependability and quality service, as far as the English language is concerned. As a foremost Institute in teaching English, we provide to the requirements of the learners in a diverse way. Many of you may be speculating why we are calling it the British School of Language, well the answer is- the people who are trained in American English are learning British English as it is graceful and grammatically right.


British School of Language, age-old leader and most dependable Spoken English Training Institute since 1971. BSL - British School of Language is the "Oldest & Finest" Language School is ranked on top for IELTS preparation. BSL helps you prepare at both levels for the speaking, listening, reading, and writing modules of the IELTS (International ENGLISH Language Testing System).



BSL offers online courses for English speaking, writing, listening & reading in addition to the 12 weeks Personality Development program, foreign languages certification courses in French, German & Spanish. It also prepares the aspirants for IELTS (International ENGLISH Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of ENGLISH as a Foreign Language, PTE (Pearson Test of ENGLISH), OET (Occupational ENGLISH Test) & study abroad tests such as GMAT, GRE & SAT along with rendering necessary services as a Study Abroad Consultant.


BSL - British School of Language has a chain of institutions under its flagship company BSL Infra-Tech Private Limited. It is imparting quality education & training through a number of branches spread in different parts of the country


It is recognized by IDP, Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme, Training Provider Certification by PTE as a Bronze Training Provider Certification, and Cambridge (for study material).


British School of Language offers non-stop online classes from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

BSL follows the teaching system of the Common European Framework for Languages, CEFR, which is an international standard to assess the ability in a particular language. It is categorized at six levels of proficiency i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. The specific level is provided as per the need and existing knowledge level of each student.



BSL has also developed a Cloud-based virtual classroom & LMS software, which can be experienced through a "Free Demo Class"


We have a long history of teaching students of all ages; we ensure that all our resources have been carefully designed to deliver effective and practical learning experiences. Be assured that we spare no effort all the while.


Job Scenario in Nepal


A person working in Nepal normally takes around 80,700 NPR per month. Salaries vary from 20,400 NPR (lowest average) to 360,000 NPR (highest average, real highest salary is even more). This is the average monthly salary together with housing, transport, and other reimbursements

Project Manager has become known as another best paying job in Nepal with a salary of about 50000 rupees on average. The academic and experience level in the requisite area is obligatory along with the knowledge and education of administrative and managerial skills.

Trending Jobs in Nepal

1. Blogging - This is a largely popular but industrious job undertaken by thousands of people in Nepal as their vocation. Needless to say, they are making good money through this. It is a platform where people can share their information, awareness with others. Blogging is a good source of earning, but one needs to work on a continuous basis with your full interest. One needs to have a good command of the language to write in an impressive manner.


2. Freelancer:-

This is the trendiest way to earn at whatever time or whichever you desire. One can have a profession here according to their wish; there is a job for writers, educators, learners, etc. In freelancing, you can work according to your inclination but the assignment given to you should be finished in time and satisfactorily. People who have good communication skills prefer freelancing.


3. Online Courses:-


If you are qualified in your job and wish to educate others or wanting to earn from home then it's actually a good cause. You can be an educator and can get linked to some online website or an Institute and you can offer your awareness to learners via online courses. Teaching may be tough but it can be done in an effective way if you know how to express yourself.

4. Earn talking with clients:-

This necessitates good skill in the English Language. There are a set of websites online that need people for interacting with their purchaser and providing them information associated with the problem. This work is quite a dependable job.


5. Become an advisor:-

 If you have good conversational or advising ability, you can apply for it. This is not really tough work but your English Language should be comprehensible and up to the standard for the person whom you are advising.


Languages Learning Assistance in Nepal

 People of Nepal speak more than one language, speak different languages that belong to various ethnic groups. The latest study has shown that ninety-two languages are spoken across the nation. Nepali is the national language that is spoken by nearly fifty percent of the total population. English as a foreign language is a challenging course of the Nepalese academic world. English has been trained and spoken in Nepal for the last five years in schools and colleges along with other several local and regional languages. The research has found that there was a strong requirement for English in Nepal and the country needs well-trained educators, enough additional materials, and a better assessment system for people from all over the globe to learn English with the British School of Language.  In Nepal, particularly in Kathmandu, we have a broad range of resources to assist you.

At BSL, we have cautiously planned module for teaching spoken English and Personality Development


What makes BSL a unique Institute?


  • Live Online classes
  • Personalized Study plans
  • Professional and dedicated educators
  • Sophisticated teaching tools and up-to-date lecture halls
  • After successful completion of the course, the students are awarded an online certificate from the British School of Language.
  • Learners have the freedom to choose their preferable study timings.


Benefits of joining BSL


1. Live Online classes:

One can connect with his/her trainer and batch mates on videoconference for a live interactive session. At the end of the session, the educator will give the feedback of the learner which helps them to improve further.


2. Flexible Timings:

A learner can choose his slot based on his convenience and availability of his trainer without leaving the comfort of his own surrounding thereby saving time and hassle to commute


3. Our Educators:

Trainers play a pivotal role in the success of our students. We have the most competent, dedicated, and knowledgeable learners who keep updating themselves with the changing requirements of the course. They are experienced and certified to train learners with a different set of requirements.


4. Our Course fee fits every pocket

We realize the value of hard-earned money and that is one reason the course fee is so reasonably charged that it becomes affordable to everyone enrolled in our institute


Final Thoughts:

BSL caters to the needs of all age groups, be it college students polishing their skills for an upcoming interview, housewives who have an urge to learn to do something meaningful, executives planning to go abroad, or even kids who need to learn through interactive activities with other kids of their age group. Our instructors are entirely well-informed to understand the skills essential to achieve something. Each mentor holds a training skill and has also worked in a focused setting with practice in diverse areas including banking, marketing, sales, human resources, and more. If you have any query related to the course that you want to opt for, you can consult our counselors who are trained and competent. Join today and open the doors to a better and promising world!


  • Group Classes for English Speaking & 12 Personality Development week

    7 Days Classes

    1 Month Crash course fees: NPR 3,199/-

    3 Months Full course fees: NPR 6,399/-

    6:45 am to 8:45 am; 9:45 to 11:45 am; 12:45 to 2:45 pm; 4:45 to 6:45 pm; 7:15 to 9:15 pm; 8:15 to 10:15 pm


    Limited Seats

  • Personal Trainer For IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / OET

    1 Student : 1 Trainer

    Fees: 9,000/-

    Individual Class Duration: 1 Hour




    Select Time of your choice

  • Group Classes for IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / OET

    Starting Fees: NPR 14,399/-

    6:45 AM to 8:45 to 10:45 to 12:45 to 2:45 to 4:45 to 6:45 to 8:45 to 10:45 PM


    Limited Seats

  • Foreign Languages Certification

    French German Spanish

    Fees: 12,000/- for 2 months for each level 

    Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

    A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

    Select Time of your choice

  • SAT / GMAT / GRE¬†Abroad Study Preparation

    SAT / GMAT / GRE

    Select Time of your choice

  • Pay now for online classes

  • Kids Batch

    All Languages

    Fees: 1,500/-
    Age: 6 to 12 years
    Class Duration: 1:30 Hour

  • Personal Trainer

    English Speaking & Personality Development

    1 Student : 1 Trainer

    Fees: 3,500/-

    Individual Class Duration: 30 Minutes (Monday to Friday)

    Group Discussion: 2 Hours (Saturday-Sunday)

    Select Time of your choice

  • Study Abroad & P.R. / Immigration

    Permanent Residence / Immigration in Canada & Australia

    Study in Canada / America / United Kingdom (U.K) / Germany / Australia / Europe

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Duration 1 Month 3 Months 2-3 Months 45 Days 2-4 Months 2-4 Months 2 Months 1 Month
Level Advance Beginner Customised Advance Intermediate Beginner Customised Customised
First Demo Free Free Free Free Free Free 800/- 800/-
Second Demo (adjustable) 800/- 800/- 800/- 1600/- 1600/- 1600/- 1600/- 1600/-
Students Limit Upto 15 Upto 15 1 Upto 9 Upto 9 Upto 9 1 1
Daily Time 2 Hours 2 Hours 30 Minutes 2 Hours 2 Hours 4 Hours 1 Hour 2 Hours
Duration/month 60 Hours 60 Hours 30 Hours 44 Hours 44 Hours 104 Hours 18 Hours 52 Hours
Regular Days Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu “Or” Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun Monday to Friday
Group Discussion (2 Hours) Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday No No Saturday-Sunday No No
Fees (in rupees) 3200/- 6400/- 5600/- 14400/- 20,000/- 25,600/- 14400/- 40,000/-
Fees for 30 Days 3200/- 2132/- 5600/- 14400/- 5000/- 10240/- 14400/- 40,000/-
Fees/Hour 52.8/- 35.2/- 185.6/- 217.6/- 113.6/- 60.8/- 800/- 768/-


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"Oldest & Finest" Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation


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