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Many institutes provide Portuguese language courses, But one of the best among them is the British school of languages.
The British School of language provides quality language courses by the most trusted faculty. Our Backbone is highly qualified, experienced, and certified native and Indian trainers, who are fully dedicated and proficient in the Language. These trainers have a passion for teaching and empathy toward the learners. Their logical approach toward the students helps them understand the requirements of individual students and the learning abilities of the students.

Experienced Trainers:

We are going to provide you the mentors who have been teaching language for years, and certified language trainers who have a pragmatic approach while teaching and delivering the of the talent they possess.

Small-Size Group Batches

The part is personal attention to everyone even in group batches, As the batch size is quite compact, maximum of 5 students in a batch.

Easy Accessibility:

The entire course is designed very systematically at the British School of languages so that it could be easily accessible by the students. All ppts and pdfs related to Portuguese languages are shared with the students to make learning easy, interesting, and playful.

Prepare for Competitive Exams in The Portuguese Language

Courses at the British School of languages are designed in such a systematic manner that students can easily appear for world-class Or international examinations in the Portuguese language.

Guidance For Higher Studies In Canada, United Kingdom, France

This is one of the things about the British school of languages, That after completing a course in any language proper guidance related to studying abroad is also provided.

6.100 Percent Surety Of Clearing International Exams Of Each Language

British schools of languages follow the standard and internationally recognized CEFR pattern which is approved by all the international testing organizations for checking language proficiency.

Live Tutorial And Recorded Sessions:

British school of languages provides a live tutorial to an individual or small groups apart from that recorded session too in case students miss any of the classes due to unforeseen circumstances, nothing to worry about in that situation as recorded sessions would be shared for the same.

Oldest And Finest Institution

British school of languages is one of the oldest, biggest, and finest institutions providing Portuguese language courses to learners in a well-crafted way by native and Indian trainers.

First to Start Online Classes

The British school of languages is the first one to start online classes and provide trainers overseas.

Course Completion Certificate

BSL also allocates certificates after completion of every level primarily based absolutely on the (CEFR) pattern so there is no other platform other than BSL which can provide courses at affordable and reasonable cost/fee.

British school of languages provides 16 hours of nonstop classes for online students

BSL provides back-to-back classes for 16 hours a day for students opting for an online platform to read and learn, classes at BSL start at 6 Am and continue till 10 pm.

Affordable Fee Structure

The British School of languages charges an affordable fee per level, Each level takes approximately 2 months to get completed.

Facilitate study material, Books are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Google books

Portuguese books are easily available on these platforms, these books are written and designed by top-notch certified trainers to the best of their knowledge in a language to provide enough guidance to the learners.

Intensive course and Extensive course

The British School of languages offers both intensive and extensive courses to Portuguese language learners, those who have a time crunch but would like to have enough know-how of the language for them intensive courses are designed. On the other hand, those who could devote enough time to learn a language for them extensive courses are made. So the course is customized as per the student(s) requirement

Structured group classes or customized learning with a personal instructor

Well-structured group or personal session, Runs in a proper format aims to help students to achieve their target to learn a language and learn to the fullest. In group sessions, there is a maximum of 4 to 5 students so that equal attention could be given to all. And in a personal session, a trainer is aligned with a student who takes the course ahead.

Learn from the national and international trainers

We provide a platform at Bsl where you can learn from both national and international trainers, from the USA, Australia, Iranian, Middle Eastern, France, and many more you can choose any of them for learning as their videos are also shared on website to make it easier to choose the best among them these national and international trainers provide the required skills you are looking for, they focus on writing, reading, listening and speaking which would make you a confident speaker in a language.

Oldest And Finest Institution

Bsl fulfills what it commits to, as our priority is to provide perfect guidance from certified and highly experienced trainers. As one who is experienced can think methodically and have a pragmatic approach to teaching too. They could make learning easy and playful, as our trainers have left no stone unturned to deliver of their knowledge, understandings, and skills, which will be better outfitted to furnish comprehensive, active, and high-quality sessions.

Realism: physical existence in India

The British school of languages has a physical existence all over India and is now expanding internationally too. One can easily locate us on Google maps. All our centers have world-class infrastructure which provides the comfort and latest smart classes and techniques required for better learning.

Highly trustworthy certificate course

Bsl provides course completion certificates to the students after clearing each level with flying colors, primarily based absolutely on the (CEFR) pattern. These certificates could be a key tool for learners to build and showcase skills to advance learners.

Course for all age groups

British school of languages provides language courses for all age groups, from pre-primary to primary to senior secondary.

Provides Free Demo classes

We provide a trainer demo to the learners which makes the picture crystal clear to the student about the teaching pedagogy that the trainer would follow while taking regular sessions. It(s) a formal introduction and conversation between a trainer and a student before enrolling for a course, You may enroll for a free demo class and get a chance to attend a free 30 minutes demo session with our top-notch trainers.

Complete guidance and exam practice

Complete practice for an international standard exam is provided to the student before taking the Bsl exam, which includes model test papers, worksheets, and different assignments to make students confident enough to appear in the exam. Before giving the exam you need to know everything and be clear with all your doubts and queries and have enough practice to keep the stone rolling.

Flexibilites and previlage

A learner gets all the flexibility and privileges once he joins the Portuguese language course with BSL, time change, trainer change, and some fixed compensatory leaves too.

29 Most Powerful Certification Course.

We provide the most powerful certification course which will help you to access better job opportunities. After completion of every level, the student is awarded the certificate.

The course can be compared

Learners have a right to acquire full information about all the courses for this students can easily compare the courses and get detailed information on the website.

Social presence on all social networking platforms (FB, Insta, Twitter)

We have an ever-lasting presence on all social networking platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). It helped us to create trust among the people and an opportunity to build rapport.

A1, A2, B1 B2 C1, and C2 common European framework for languages

British school of languages provides expert certificates, which university college students can use as proof of their cutting-edge achievable level. Our certificates are issued in line with the broadly well-known Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

We do provide job opportunities to our scholar students

Getting a job is a tough task nowadays, as there is cutthroat competition in everything you do. But if you get a platform like Bsl which could help to learn and earn so that you may cut an edge over your peers then isn(t) that a great thing?

Most trusted and oldest website.

British School of Language has been ranked number one in winning the trust and love of millions of students for which quora reviews could be checked, working professionals, homemakers, and kids who took classes from BSL in the past, it has met all their expectations and followed the same since years. The website of BSL is one of the oldest to provide you with information related to the various courses.

Provides both online and offline.

British school of languages provides both online and offline classes you can learn from anywhere, with no location-specific learning, as keeping all the distractions aside it is very important to learn and gain knowledge no matter how you learn online or offline.

Register today and start classes the day after.

A student can start with the course immediately after enrolling for the same, no need to wait for a long time to get any specific batch to start. It not only makes the learning immediate but also that waiting for a batch to start can save the time learner too.

Trainer change request approval within a day time.

If in case there is any discomfort while taking classes with a specific trainer, a simple request for a trainer change has to be made on our customer support number and immediate action could be taken on that without a long wait. Hassle-free process of a trainer change is available at BSL

24*7 Whatsapp, Email, call, and student support available

We provide 24*7 customer support to students. They may feel free to Whatsapp, email, or call anytime to raise any concern related to classes, trainers, or the course they are registered for.

Affordable fee structure

The affordable fee structure offered by BSL for learning makes us stand apart in this world of competition. We provide quality training to all the students who enroll in the course. As happy learning creates smiles that bring organization miles in the Education platform.

Become Linguistically Smart

The courses are aimed to make you linguistically smart so can read, write, listen and speak in a particular language chosen effectively.

Organize your Course

BSL will help you to plan your course on the basis of what is the purpose of your course you may choose the timing of the classes, the trainer that will teach you, and much more.

Customized Sessions

BSL also offers customized sessions for each level which you can enroll to revise all the syllabi from a specific level. Choice of level can be done by the student

Learn with trust

BSL has been providing language courses for years and educated many to date. You may read the reviews and feedback shared by our several students on quora too.

Oldest and finest

Bsl is one of the oldest and finest institutions providing quality training and education in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese,...

5 Accelerated Learning with Different Activities:

Various activities to enhance spoken and listening skills like Roleplays, self-description, discussions, one-minute speaking, and many more

Organised Learning in Group Classes or Customized Learning with Personal Trainer:

Individual attention is given to our students keeping their learning a priority. If you are comfortable in classroom sessions online in which many students are present, you can choose Group Classes Personal Trainer in which one on one attention is given to the student by faculty. You can customize your lessons and gain personalized tips and techniques from our experienced tutors.

First to start an online course for the Portuguese language.

BSL is the first to start an online Portuguese language course. As millions of learners from across the globe can easily join our online sessions. It(s) beneficial for those working professionals who can(t) attend offline classes during the day and can opt for late evening classes to fulfill their passion or requirement to learn a language.

Registration Certificates

has all the valid Registered certificates required for the business —------

Online Foreign language Course

BSL has been one of the institutes not only in India but in the entire world. It was established in 1971 and still provides quality training. BSL not only provides courses for adults but kids starting from age 6 years. The platform of BSL provides group as well as one-on-one training at a very cost-effective fee for you to feel comfortable with your budget.

International Offices

BSL is a premier institute that has spread across the world. Our offices are easily available in different locations of the world such as Germany, Dubai, etc.

Oldest website

The British School of Language has not only gained the trust and love of the students but has ruled in the hearts of millions of students, working professionals, homemakers, and kids and meeting their expectations for years. The website of BSL is one of the oldest websites.

Crash course of Language for learners

The British School of language also provides a crash course for school-going and professionals, who have limited time and a strong desire or keen interest to learn a language.

Combo offer.

Provides an offer to all the students who enroll for 2 levels together, they could not only avail discounts but get complimentary doubt-solving practice sessions.
The international exam to be given in the Portuguese language is CIPLE, it(s) an obligatory language test for getting Portuguese citizenship.
The exam fee ranges between 5000 to 7000 for each level Center in India for CIPLE exam institute cameos in Delhi and Goa
Portuguese is spoken on simply about each continent on the planet, making it one of the most essential languages for each commercial enterprise and travel. BSL Portuguese lessons focal point on each the integral language abilities and cultural capabilities wanted to communicate with confidence. The instructions are targeted on conversational skills, using the BSLMethod into every class. This ability that in the course of the class, you will solely communicate in Portuguese, as will your instructor. This approach has demonstrated to be the quickest and most environment friendly way to reap competence in a language. Leading your lessons will be a BSL -certified native trainer who will completely recognize the ideas of the BSL Method, as properly as the complicated small print of the dialects and nuances of Portuguese. BSLpresents a range of type options, which include a combine of each personal and crew classes. There are a quantity of motives for gaining knowledge of Portuguese and at BSL, our aim is to furnish a Portuguese type alternative no count why you need to study the language.


Learning a new language can be difficult sufficient except having to additionally suppose about getting to a category on time or discovering a babysitter. With the on line Portuguese instructions from Berlitz, you will be free to focal point totally on the language classes. You can pick out to learn about at your home, at work or even in a park or coffeehouse. This flexibility is in addition greater with our non-public on-line classes, which permit you to agenda your personal lessons and to dictate the curriculum you cowl in your classes, permitting you to center of attention on precise abilities you want to learn. The nice element about the BSL online Portuguese instructions is they include the identical demonstrated language-learning strategies as our in-person classes. This potential you will study with a native trainer in a stay surroundings the place you are capable to communicate and engage at once with them. During your on line Portuguese classes, you will solely talk in Portuguese. This will permit you to research Portuguese quicker than different language options.


As the principal language in two primary nations on two distinctive continents (Portugal and Brazil), Portuguese is one of the fundamental languages of the world, being spoken by way of an estimated a hundred and seventy million people. The vastness of the language make it an attractive language to study for each commercial enterprise and journey reasons. Areas of Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have Portuguese listed as a foremost language spoken.

1. Basic ( A1 ):-
The whole focus is to make the learner familiar with the language, understand and speak basic phrases in daily life situations
2. Elementary ( A2 ):-
Comprehending and using simple phrases and structures with a better knowledge of Dutch grammar and it’s application
3. Intermediate ( B1 ):-
The whole focus is on to make the learner express his/her own thoughts in Dutch. The syllabus is designed to improve oral and written expression using some techniques particular to the language.
4. Advanced ( B2 ):-
Introduction to advanced grammar, speaking, listening and written expressions and topics. The focus is to develop the learner’s ability to comprehend and discuss with a frequent use of advanced vocabulary.

Foreign Languages
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