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BSL - British School of Language is an internationally accredited organization that provides adequate ESL (English as a Second Language) knowledge.

BSL offers online courses for English speaking, writing, listening & reading in addition to the 12 weeks Personality Development program with Experience International, Native & National Trainers.

Feedback on the test with tips and strategies to tackle weaknesses.

Customized study plan that demonstrates quick learning techniques, strategies, and tricks.

Mock and practice test: regular assignments and mock tests to monitor the progress of learners.

Coursework will focus on language and culture, English as a second language (ESL) teaching methods, language assessment.

ESL Endorsement Certificate is intended for certified teachers who wish to expand their professional opportunities and enhance their teaching skills by adding an ESL Endorsement Certificate to their portfolio.

By studying ESL through a program of lectures, readings, dis- discussions, observations, and practical teaching exercises, students will explore the educational contexts in which En- English is taught and learned. In addition, the course will offer practical techniques for learning English and assessing the skill areas of:
1. listening
2. reading
3. writing
4. Grammar
5. Vocabulary
6. Spoken Activities
7. Personality Development with 12 professional video shoots.
8. The foundation of the methods explored will be based on theories in applied linguistics.



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