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What is TEFL?
TEFL is an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL Certificate is an internationally recognized entry-level certification for teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in schools and institutions. TEFL-certified trainers are authorized to teach English to non-native English orators around the globe.

Why TEFL Certificate is important?
To secure a position in teaching English you need TEFL certification and generally, This exemplifies that you’ve had professional-level training that meets internationally acknowledged TEFL criteria. To teach English as a foreign language in a foreign country (I.e., a non-native English-speaking country), a TEFL credential is generally demanded, since schools and language institutes want to hire teachers who have acquired appropriate training. This certificate makes you more competitive in the job market and teachers with a TEFL certificate qualify for teaching jobs with more reputed schools and institutions that offer them better benefits and higher salaries comparatively.

The TEFL certification course is open to all individuals, moreover, there is no particular requirement for any special eligibility standards. Graduates in any domain with a fundamental understanding of English makes them eligible to pursue a proficient TEFL course. The minimum essentials to teach abroad are a Bachelor(s) degree in any domain and a TEFL certification.

Topics to be covered during the course:
-Classroom management
- Teaching methodology
- English grammar
- Learning Planning and Strategies
- Teaching Vocabulary
- Teaching pronunciation
- Teaching auditory language skills (listening and speaking)
- Teaching literary skills (reading and writing)
- Teaching young learners and adult learners
- Learner feedback and development (reading and writing)

Our key point-
- We offer Live classes, no recorded lectures.
- you can interact with the faculty and flourish your skills.
- We offer various Jobs opportunities after course completion at our institution.
- Free Personality Development course with 12 professional video shoots with Experienced and certified International, Native & National Trainers.
- The customized study plan demonstrates quick learning techniques, strategies, and tricks.
- Mock and practice test: regular assignments and mock tests to monitor the progress of learners.
- Authorized certificates after course completion.

Duration of course-
- 120 hours/ 3 months
- Monday to Friday.
- Fees- 15000/- INR.
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