"Oldest & Finest" Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation.
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BSL British School of Language India

BSL - British School of Language is the "Oldest & Finest" Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation.

BSL offers online courses for English speaking, writing, listening & reading in addition to the 12 weeks Personality Development program, Foreign Languages certification courses in French, German & Spanish. It also prepares the aspirants for Online IELTS (International ENGLISH Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of ENGLISH as a Foreign Language, PTE (Pearson Test of ENGLISH), OET (Occupational ENGLISH Test) & study abroad tests such as GMAT, GRE & SAT along with rendering necessary services as a Study Abroad Consultant.

BSL, a pioneer institution is a brand name to reckon with, as far as English language is concerned.

BSL - British School of Language, a New Delhi, India based organisation, having it's Corporate office in Noida, is a chain of institutions under its flagship company BSL Infra-Tech Private Limited. It is imparting quality education & training through a number of branches spread over the northern part of the country (Lucknow, Kanpur, Jhansi etc).

It is recognised by IDP, Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme, Training Provider Certification by PTE as a Bronze Training Provider Certification and Cambridge (for study material).

British School of Language offers non-stop 16 hrs back to back online classes from 6:00 A.M. to 01:00 A.M. (Indian Standard Time).

BSL follows the teaching system of Common European Framework for Languages, CEFR, which is an international standard to assess the ability in a particular language. It is categorised at six levels of proficiency i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The specific level is provided as per the need and existing knowledge level of each student.

BSL has also developed a Cloud based virtual classroom & LMS software, which can be experienced though a "Free Demo Class"

After successful completion of the course, the students are awarded with an online certificate from British School of Language.

Group Classes for English Speaking & 12 Personality Development week

7 Days Classes; 2 Hours Batch


1 Month Crash course fees: 2,500/-

3 Months Full course fees: 5,000/-


Limited Seats

Group Classes for IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / OET

2 Hours Batch

45 Days: 9,900/-

8777 Bands or 4 Months: 12,500/-

Limited Seats

Personal Trainer for English Speaking & 12 Personality Development

1 Student : 1 Trainer

7 Days Classes

1 Month Crash course fees: 3,900/-

3 Months Full course fees: 9,900/-

Individual Class Duration: 30 Minutes (Monday to Friday)

Group Discussion: 2 Hours (Saturday-Sunday)

Select Time of your choice

Personal Trainer For IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / OET

1 Student : 1 Trainer; 4 Days a week

Fees: 9,000/-

Individual Class Duration: 1 Hour

Select Time of your choice

Foreign Languages Certification

French German Spanish

Fees: 12,500/- for 2 months for each level

Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Select Time of your choice

SAT / GMAT / GRE Abroad Study Preparation


Select Time of your choice

Kids & Teen Batch

7 Days Classes; 1:30 Hour

1 Month Crash Course Fees: 2,000/-
3 Months Full Course Fees: 5,000/-

Age: 5 to 17 years

Limited Seats

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Study Abroad & P.R. / Immigration

Permanent Residence / Immigration in Canada & Australia

Study in Canada / America / United Kingdom (U.K) / Germany / Australia / Europe

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English Speaking


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Speaking is the way toward building and sharing importance using verbal and non-... Read More

Group Discussion

A Group Discussion (GD) is a method utilized by corporate organizations, college... Read More

12 Personality Development weeks

an Anchor week

An ideal anchor would be the person who likes communication alongside informing ... Read More

Blog Week

Writing skills are a significant piece of correspondence. Great composing abilit... Read More

Body Language week

Body language is the greatest superpower one can actually have. It has the inten... Read More

Business Etiquette week

Business etiquette is a norm that is acknowledged or required in a formal settin... Read More

Dining Etiquette week

Dining etiquette assumes a function in regular daily existence, just as our prof... Read More

Interview Preparation week

The Interview Skills week targets preparing you to crack interviews. This sessio... Read More

Introduction Week

Self-introduction is for sure an extremely daunting task. How you present yourse... Read More

Presentation week

The entire week is devoted to encouraging learners to find how to create present... Read More

Public Relation week

Viable public relations skills are basic to an extensive amount for accomplishme... Read More

Song Recitation week

Music has a special task to carry out in the improvement of our personalities an... Read More

Telephonic Conversation week

The phone is one of the simplest and least expensive methods of correspondence. ... Read More

Voice and Accent week

Your voice not just conveys your message – it can say a great deal regarding y... Read More



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OET Preparation

OET  (Occupational English Test) is intended to meet the explicit English langu... Read More

IELTS Preparation

British School of Language, a prestigious Institute is a brand name that has set... Read More

TOEFL Preparation

PTE Preparation

Foreign Languages / French / German / Spanish

Learn Certified French with Native Trainer

Learning any new language is a task that can broaden your mind to new outlooks a... Read More

Learn Certified German with Native Trainer

If you desire to learn German, you are not the only one; millions of individuals... Read More

Learn Certified Spanish with Native Trainer

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Other Important Languages

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Kids Zone

Summer Camp for Kids

Story Telling

Stories dazzle kids like nothing else, and have been utilized longer than some o... Read More

Rhymes / Poems

Youngsters grow up with songs and rhymes and build up their first language by th... Read More


The Phonics Method is one of the most mainstream and normally utilized methods. ... Read More

Reading / Blending / Speaking Phonics

Blending is the skill of being able to combine sounds together to make words. Th... Read More

Word Formation

It urges students to examine words they definitely discover and to see more abou... Read More

Rhyming words / Family words

Rhyming assists youngsters in improving their oral language skills, generally sp... Read More

Unscramble words / Jumble words

A vocabulary jumble is typically utilized toward the beginning of another subjec... Read More

Learning ‘A’ and ‘An’ through activities

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Word Puzzle

Some puzzles require a high level of English, while others simply demand a stron... Read More

Story Comprehension

Storytelling is an incredible chance to extend a youngster's creative mind. In t... Read More

Sentence Formation According to Level

It's truly energizing when youngsters begin to join words into little sentences.... Read More

Picture Composition

Picture composition up the expertise of perception in understudies and upgrades ... Read More

Study Abroad / Immigration / PR / Visa

Apply for Australian Immigration

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Study in Canada

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Study in New Zealand

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Study in United Kingdom (UK)

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Study in United States of America

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Study in Australia

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Become Canadian Citizen through Permanent Residency (PR)

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Study in Germany

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Immigration in New Zealand

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Duration 1 Month 3 Months 1 Month 3 Months 45 Days 3 Months 4 Months 1 Month 1 Month
Level Advance Beginner Customised Customised Advance Intermediate Beginner Customised Customised
First Demo Free Free Free Free Free Free Free 500/- 500/-
Students Limit Upto 15 Upto 15 1 1 Upto 9 Upto 9 Upto 9 1 1
Daily Time 2 Hours 2 Hours 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 2 Hours 2 Hours 4 Hours 1 Hour 2 Hours
Duration/month 60 Hours 60 Hours 30 Hours 30 Hours 60 Hours 60 Hours 104 Hours 18 Hours 52 Hours
Regular Days Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Monday to Friday Any 4 Days Monday to Saturday
Group Discussion (2 Hours) Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday Saturday-Sunday
Fees (in rupees) 2,500/- 5,000/- 3,900/- 9,900/- 9,900/- 12,500/- 16,000/- 9,000/- 25,000/-
Fees for 30 Days (compare) 2,500/- 1,666/- 3,900/- 3,300/- 6,600/- 4,166/- 4,000/- 9,000/- 25,000/-
Fees/Hour 42/- 27/- 130/- 110/- 110/- 69/- 38/- 500/- 480/-


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"Oldest & Finest" Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation


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Mr. Swastik Arora (Germany)

Fürstenrieder Strasse 279,81377 München

Ph: +49 176 62456820

Mr. Varun Pant (UK)

12 Elm Way, Rickmansworth ,London

Ph: +44 7414984321

Mr. Jatin Tekriwal (UAE)

303, Al Bakar Bullding Golden Sand, Bur Dubai

Ph: +971 529462505

Mr. Kunal Kalra (Canada)

2300 saint Mathieu, Montreal H3H 2J8

Ph: +1 (514) 298-8119

Mr. Amit (Australia)

3A, level 9/428 George St, Sydney NSW 2000,

Ph: +61 433 383 838

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