The Ultimate Guide for Arabic language preparation - 2022. Everything You Need To Know.

  1. Why Learn Arabic?
  2. Reasons to start learning Arabic right now
  3. Level 1: (Proficiency-Beginner)
  4. Level 2: (Proficiency- Intermediate)
  5. Level 3: (Proficiency-Advanced)
  6. What is the Arabic Language Proficiency Test?

The Arabic instructions with BSL function each language and lifestyle training, which capability as you are getting to know the pillars of the language, you will additionally be gaining knowledge of how to use the language in real-world situations. Using our tested immersive language studying BSL Method, you will solely communicate Arabic in the course of your language guides the place you will be speakme immediately with a BSL-certified native speaker. This approach of language getting to know will provide you the abilities you want to be assured the usage of Arabic with different native speakers. The Arabic language has many cultural nuances and with BSL, you will have the chance to center of attention on these components of the use of the language in your classes. Based on your timeline and goals, you can pick out a absolutely customized Arabic route that will permit you to dictate the specifics of what you desire to analyze to permit you to acquire your dreams faster. For greater informal learners, Berlitz affords extra structured Arabic classes.

Why Learn Arabic?

With an estimated 290 million native Arabic audio system in the world and 422 million complete human beings speakme Arabic (including non-native speakers), the language ranks in the pinnacle 10 most spoken languages in the world. Arabic is additionally one of the foremost languages used in the Middle East, making it a hugely vital language for enterprise and tour in recognize to some thing particular to that location of the world.

Reasons to start learning Arabic right now

1. High demand.

2. Gain a valuable language skill

3. Get international experience and a first move advantage

4. An opportunity to learn about the world's second largest religion and it's cultural significance

5. Allows us to act as an ambassador of peace and cultural exchange

6. You can choose the dialect that most interests or suits you as per your need.

7. The Money you can't ignore

Level 1: (Proficiency-Beginner)

Wide understanding of the Arabic language along with solid foundation to. Learning some important and useful phrases to begin to converse in Arabic. An in-depth look at the history and details of the Arabic language and slowly introducing you to important vocabulary, sentence structure, gramma

Level 2: (Proficiency- Intermediate)

Conversing and dealing with daily life situations in Arabic. Moving on to more complex sentences. Arabic may be a challenging language to master in the beginning, but Level 2 ensures that you are constantly practising and repeating your skills to gain more and more fluency with the help of our trainers to assist and guide you.

Level 3: (Proficiency-Advanced)

Level 3 is the final level of your Arabic course and aims to equip you with the tools to speak Arabic fluently and continue strengthening your skills in the real world solving real problems. At the end of Level 3, you will feel ready to tackle the Arabic language and begin speaking more and more, expanding your skills daily. Remember- It’s a process.

What is the Arabic Language Proficiency Test?

Arab Academy’s Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is the global standard for measuring student proficiency levels in Arabic. There are five fundamental skills that are measured on the exam: Listening Comprehension, Reading, Structure, Writing, and Speaking. The ALPT currently serves as the global Arabic language proficiency standard in terms of reliability and validity. The test is adaptive in nature, allowing participants of all proficiency levels to be accurately assessed.

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