The Ultimate Guide for french prepration - 2022. Everything You Need To Know.

  1. Benefits of Learning French
  2. Learn about the ancient culture
  3. More value to job applicants
  4. Travelling easy
  5. French levels of CEFLR
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One of the world s most widely-spoken languages, French is seen an authentic language of 29 wonderful countries, along with France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and quite a variety components of the African continent. It should, therefore, come as little shock to analyze that it is one of the most well-known 2nd languages for college students to learn.
At BSL , we provide expert certificates, which university college students can use as proof of their cutting-edge achievable level. Our certificates are issued in line with the broadly well-known Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). So why are certificates so integral and why are certificates which study CEFR tiers the brilliant proof of progress?
CEFR Certificates
British School of Language  allocates certificates primarily based absolutely on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This framework was once as soon as created via capacity of the Council of Europe in order to standardise language examinations at some stage in regions. Indeed, one of the key benefits of CEFR certificates is they can observe equally to any language.

In order to warranty a well-rounded training for French language students, the CEFR places a focal point on pretty a number special mastering activities, along with verbal communication, reading, listening and writing. Learners are located at one of three levels, notably based on their ability, and each and every diploma has two sub-levels.
For example, degree A1 is the first benchmark and university college students at this degree are beginners. They then improve to stage A2, until now than transferring on to B1, and so on. The final stage is C2, at which aspect a student is considered completely knowledgeable in French. Typically, stage A1 can be reached after 35-45 analyzing hours, while diploma C2 requires over 200+ hours.
However, per chance the greatest factor that units CEFR certificates aside is the fact that they are everyday and revered in the path of Europe and almost all extraordinary countries spherical the world.
French CEFR Levels
British university of Language classes  and certificates are geared up in accordance with the necessities of the six CEFR* levels:
Level A1 – This is the beginner s degree for university college students eager to analyze French. A situation occasion in this course covers established greetings. After ending this level, you ll be in a function to recognize main phrases and phrases used in every day situations.

Level A2 – This route covers major knowledge of the French language. Topic examples consist of personal information, employment and close by geography. When you entire Level A2, you ll be succesful to articulate your self in foremost French.
Level B1 – This stage is additionally referred to as pre-intermediate. A route situation rely to assume will cowl normal existence encounters specially at work or school. After this course, you ll be in a function to talk efficiently in more than a few situations, specially while travelling. You ll moreover be capable to air opinions and grant relevant explanations for them.
Level B2 – Also viewed as the intermediate level, this course deals with difficult texts. A challenge rely occasion proper here is technical discussion. When you learn about French to this level, you ll be capable to communicate the language with fluency. In addition, you ll be succesful of writing precise and concise texts.
Level C1 – This is the higher intermediate level. Topics are a range of in this level. They consist professional, tutorial and social contexts. Graduates can write sure texts the use of well-organised patterns.(British faculty of Language doesn t furnish this degree for French.)
Level C2 – This is most advantageous French. A theme to anticipate when you learn about French to this degree is the reconstruction of arguments coherently. At the provide up of Level C2, college college students can summarise elaborate info, specific themselves fluently and distinguish meanings in complicated settings. (British college of Language doesn t grant this stage for French.)

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (by the Council of Europe)
Why Do You Need Official French Certificates?
If you parent out to try and stumble on a job in a French-speaking country, or if you observe to a French-speaking tutorial institution, one of the prerequisites is in all likelihood to be an functionality to speak, understand, examine and write in the language. This is per chance the most critical purpose for obtaining certificates as you learn.
Once again, this is the region British School of Language compliance with the CEFR is beneficial, as it ensures the certificates you get maintain of will be recognised. From an employer s aspect of view, CEFR certificates show your training is rounded, as a substitute than focused on one aspect, which affords them with higher assurances and boosts your employment prospects.
As the CEFR s analyzing divisions are without a doubt available, employers and instructional enrolment crew of employees can besides issues use your certificates to get a clear idea of the vicinity you are at with your learning. If, for example, you have reached stage B2, they will understand you can elevate out technical discussions and apprehend even tricky texts on a easy level.
Of course, you do no longer want to follow for a job or a university location to get obtain from a French certificates and they can additionally serve as an awesome bodily reminder of your non-public private achievement.
Obtaining CEFR Certificates With BSL

British School of Language approves college students to e e-book training at some element ability stage they are at and then work nearer to accomplishing larger levels. When a sure diploma has been reached, the corresponding Test is taken post which  CEFR certificates is issued. In each case, the certificates you accumulate serves as tangible proof of your French language abilities. By taking our on line French directions with BSL , you will be in a position to development all the way from stage A1 to degree B2.
We favor our university students to be in a role to customize their trip and study French on-line at their personal pace, as we think about this produces the first-rate results. It is for this reason that our publications contain quite a variety optional things and you can pick to take as many or as few training as you wish.
You ought to theoretically earn your first French certificates in a rely of Months , so what are you ready for? Sign up for BSL presently
Learning any new language is a task that can broaden your mind to new outlooks and can link you with all sorts of people across borders of territories and language. When it comes to the knowledge of French, these reasons are particularly true.
There are somewhat more than 300 million people in the world who speak French to some extent, making it the sixth most vocal language globally. It is the official language of around 30 countries, and it is also the second most studied language universally after English.
There is no one way to learn French — or any language. There are so many possibilities for your language expedition, it is no surprise that choosing a learning style or method can be awe-inspiring! There is no exact method, and it is up to you to decide which means work finest for you to study French.

Benefits of Learning French:

Acquiring a new skill can support you show your originality, inspire your mind, and learn new ways to explore your potential. Learning French can make a positive influence on your life if you learn French. There are several benefits to learning French. Some benefits of learning the French language are:
Learn about the ancient culture: To read the literature of renowned French authors is to engross with the language in some of its most lovely and poetic terms. Through the eyes of French, you get a livelier involvement in more present-day French-language media like podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks, and TV shows.
More value to job applicants: Whether you are seeking admission at a foreign university or finding a job to live abroad, learning French will give you a cutting edge.
Travelling easy: With the knowledge of French, you ll be able to explore new cities by interpreting road signs, carte du jour, and train coupons; it also links you to the new folks you meet there.

French levels of CEFLR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

It is a means developed by the Council of Europe to express the command of a foreign language like French, according to diverse standards. Since 2001, this is a reference in the arena of French education.

French levels of CEFR-

CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference. According to CEFR French is divided into four levels of learning.
A1 - Beginner
A2 - Elementary
B1 - Intermediate
B2 - Upper-Intermediate

C1 - Advanced

C2- Master Proficient

Beginner: A1 level

Online French course A1 level is the most basic level of French language learning and there are five more levels after.

A Learner at A1 Level:

  • Can acknowledge and use recognisable words and simple phrases for real purposes.
  • Can familiarise himself or someone else.
  • Can enquire and reply to basic questions about household, family, backgrounds, etc
  • Can interconnect in an elementary way when the other person speaks gradually and clearly and is ready to replicate or redevelop to assist communication.

British School of language has both offline and Online French course A1 level offered to all the candidates with a view of teaching French because we comprehend the impetus of communication with other native speakers for specialized workings. British School of Learning provides online French course A1 level with the help of knowledgeable and accomplished educators at a very reasonable charge.


A2 level is a basic level of French language learning above A1 level and there are four more levels afterwards. It is a second level of French language that encompasses Grammar classes, adverbs, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.
A Learner at A2 Level:

  • Can comprehend secluded expressions and common expressions that are linked to areas of high personal bearing like personal or family info, immediate setting, profession.
  • Can communicate during informal or routine tasks necessitating an elementary and straight information exchange on recognisable topics.
  • Using simple words, can define his or her environment and communicate direct requirements.

British School of Language is one of the most prominent foreign language speaking institute with Online French course A2 level where candidates can use basic words and can portray their environmental issues and carry quick requirements.
British School of language has offline and online courses available for learning French. We teach online French course A2 level. You can learn French with all its stages step by step with our dedicated team of educators.

Intermediate B1

The B1 level is the intermediate degree of French language learning above A2 level and there are three additional levels afterwards. It is a third-degree of the French language that comprises Grammar classes, intensives, listening, reading, composing, vocabulary and so forth
B1 level candidates can depict an event, a meeting, or an idea; depict a longing or and can frame details or interpretations behind a mission or project.

A Learner at B1 Level:

  • Can comprehend the facts of clear normal speech on recognisable subjects in work, school, ease activities, etc.
  • Can accomplish in most situations that come up when travelling in a province where the language is spoken.
  • Can produce a simple and unified text on familiar subjects or subjects of personal attention.
  • Can recount an event, an experience, or a reverie; describe a wish or goal, and outline details or explanations behind a project or idea.

British School of language has offline and online courses accessible for learning French at B1 Level. We help students learn online French course B1 level with our skilled instructors at a truly judicious charge.

Upper IntermediateB2 level

it is the upper intermediate level of French language learning above the B1 level and there are two extra levels followed by it. It is the fourth level of the French language that includes Grammar, listening, writing, speaking, vocabulary, etc.

A Learner at B2 Level:

  • Can comprehend the main concepts of real or abstract themes in an intricate text, including a technical journal in the user s range of proficiency.
  • Can link with a degree of impulsiveness and ease during a discussion with a native speaker, in a way that is easy for everyone.

British School of language has offline and online courses open for learning French at this level. Our experienced faculty teaches the learners at this level so that they Can speak in a clear, comprehensive way on several topics; express their views on current issues, giving the benefits and shortcomings of the numerous decisions.

The "C" Levels:

C1 – Advanced or Effective Operational Proficiency:

A Learner at C1 Level:

  • Can Understand a wider type of high challenging longer writings and discussions and identify implied meaning.
  • Can state ideas without more much probing for words
  • Can be dynamic in social media, hypothetical or professional situations by effectually using the French language
  • Can produce convincing, detailed text on most complex topics.

C2 – Mastery (or proficiency)

A Learner at C2 Level:

  • Can Comprehend almost everything, read, write, and speak French with easiness.
  • Can sum-up information from numerous spoken and written base
  • Can rebuild opinions and accounts in a comprehensible presentation
  • Can express himself fluently and surely
  • Can distinguish exact connotations of words, sentences, and paragraphs, even in the most intricate circumstances.


At the British School of language, we realize the importance of learning a foreign language especially French language which is prevalent in most parts of the world. Our educators try their level best to impart the knowledge of French to its learners in such a manner that they can explore better career options and a promise of a better life ahead.

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