The Ultimate Guide for Russian prepration - 2022. Everything You Need To Know.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why to Learn Russian in India ?
  3. A language in excessive demand
  4. Language being extensively spoken and unique
  5. Learning Russian in India
  6. Lucrative commercial enterprise opportunities
  7. TORFL is an acronym for Test of Russian as a overseas language.


The India-Russia relationship has advanced into an equal partnership. The shut ties of friendship, cooperation, mutual trust, and appreciation have deep roots. India and Russia usually had shut and sound members of the family on many fronts in the course of the previous few decades. That is the one major motive why it was once continually so famous amongst Indians. The two nations have strengthened bilateral and monetary collaboration on a massive scale of normal sectors. Both countries have additionally deemed it in shape to select and work on new avenues of cooperation. As a result, there has been a floodgate of possibilities for experts’ expertise in Russian and tradition in India. A language in excessive demand The demand for the offerings of Russian linguistic has accelerated at an unparalleled spurt in India. There is no doubt that the Russian language scope as a career-pro language is breathtaking and astonishing. Many human beings inclined to include it have many job possibilities that look forward to them in the company world. It is the most vast language dominating the Eurasian geographical setting. It is the most famous of all the Slavic languages, and it’s the most crucial ethnic language in Europe. It has a hundred and forty four million audio system in Russia, and tens of millions greater in Ukraine, Belarus, and different former Soviet states like Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. It ranks as variety eight of the most spoken tongues global and amongst the SIX respectable languages of the United Nations Organization (UNO). It is a special and broadly spoken language It is exceedingly special in contrast to Romance or Germanic languages like Spanish, French, or German. One of the essential motives to research this language as an Indian is that it is amongst the most globally spoken. Currently, there are over 300 million humans that talk the Russian language worldwide. It is now not simply the Russian Federation’s reliable language however additionally Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Significant components of Ukraine, Moldova – Transnistria, Latvia, Liechtenstein, and Estonia, additionally have many Russian ethnic speakers. Russian is additionally beneficial in Armenia, Israel, and some different Balkans like the international locations noted earlier. It is the special factor of the Slavic language, and it shares similarities with different languages like Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian. Even in the United States, there are over 800,000 speakers.

Why to Learn Russian in India ?

It is a pleasure when you research a new language! With so many language options in India, choosing the right overseas tongue to examine is definitely now not an effortless process. However, there are severa advantages to studying any overseas tongues. Abroad, the pursuit of a hobby, immigration, beneficial language jobs, careers the usage of languages and cultural elements are some of the motives in order to examine a new language.

A language in excessive demand:

The demand for the offerings of Russian linguistics has accelerated at an extraordinary spurt in India. There are no doubts that the scope of the Russian language as a career-pro language is breathtaking and astonishing. Therefore, human beings who are inclined to embody the language to get job possibilities that look forward to them in the company world. It is a exact time for them to analyze this language and strengthen their future career. We have some of the few certified tutors who are extraordinarily suitable in guiding the trainees or college students with the Russian language from the fundamental degree to the superior level.

Language being extensively spoken and unique:

The Russian language is surprisingly special as in contrast to that of Romance or Germanic languages. One of the critical motives being Indian gaining knowledge of this language for it is the most spoken language viewed as quantity one round the globe. Presently, over 300 million humans talk the Russian language round the globe. It is no longer simply an professional language of the Russian Federation however additionally of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Learning Russian in India:

There is a large vary of job possibilities and profession scope of mastering Russian in India. With the regular enlargement of Indian and Russian firms, consulting corporations and companies there is a regular requirement of personnel who have know-how in this amazing tongue.

Lucrative commercial enterprise opportunities:

Russia is domestic to one of the most certified and everyday high-tech designs in the world, specifically in the area of records technology, security, and heavy-duty machinery. The us of a is well-known for being the second-largest exporter of high-tech navy and civilian grade structures of a number of categories. So gaining knowledge of Russian is a desirable probability for you to transact commercial enterprise with Russian buyers or to searching for job possibilities in the international market. Communicating in Russian ability to have an equal enjoying field.

TORFL is an acronym for Test of Russian as a overseas language.

The French version of this is known as: Test de Russe Langue Etrangère (TRKI). This refers to International State examination to appraise your Russian language proficiency level. There is also “Russian for Professional purpose” for tourism and business. This refers to a special TORFL according to subject register


The TRKI (TORFL) comprises six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

  • A1 (TEU: elementary level) Minimum Russian language level, not sufficient for daily dialogue.
  • A2 (TBU: basic level) It is a certain knowledge of the Russian language sufficient to communicate but with a limited number of words. This level allows you to exercise a professional activity in the Russian language but with a limited number of words.
  • B1 (TORFL – I: the first level) The average level of knowledge of the Russian language, which allows you to communicate daily with your loved ones, in academic and professional life.
  • B2 (TRKI – II: second level) Sufficiently high level of command of the Russian language. This level allows you to communicate in all spheres of activity, for example engineering, humanities and natural sciences. To obtain this certificate, you must have a bachelor or a master.
  • C1 (TRKI – III: the third level) With this level of certification, you can exercise a professional activity in Russian as a translator, editor, journalist, diplomat, manager, or work in a Russian company.
  • C2 (TRKI – IV: fourth level) This level is comparable to that of a native. Obtaining this certificate gives you the right to carry out all kinds of teaching and scientific research activities in the Russian language.


Petersburg State University, RUDN University, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. These Universities are the only organizations authorized to conduct the TORFL test.

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