The Ultimate Guide for Korean prepration - 2022. Everything You Need To Know.

  1. Benefits of Learning Korean in India
  2. What are Topik levels?
  3. How can I register for the TOPIK Test?

Learning Korean Online via self-study is truly viable however there are limitations. If you are gaining knowledge of Korean simply for fun, YouTube training and Online Korean websites need to be extra than enough for you. But if you are planning to go to Korea for greater find out about or for work or even if you are planning to make a profession in Korean or Korea-related organization in India, it is now not effortless to attain that stage thru simply self-study. Below are the motives why - You do not have absolutely everyone to take a look at if you are talking or writing effectively in Korean. You can research the phrases and phrases on-line however if you choose to use them to make sentences, you are now not positive if they are right or not. You do not have cloth desirable to your stage to do listening practice. You can examine and write however you do not be aware of how to exercise speaking. You want there used to be an chance to speak with different freshmen in Korean and if any one used to be there to right you when you made mistakes. Beyond getting to know Korean, you desire anyone may want to information you about expert certification in Korean (TOPIK) as nicely as scholarships and work possibilities in Korea. You do not genuinely comprehend how to proceed if you choose to find out about or work in Korea. All these limitations can be clearly frustrating. We are attempting to existing a answer to all this via this Korean Language Course

Benefits of Learning Korean in India

Nowadays it is extraordinarily famous to research a new language. This can be due to the fact of superior technology, an improved want for conversation in the international marketplace, or genuinely the pleasure of trying to study a new talent or hobby. Many human beings take languages for granted and do no longer suppose about how gaining knowledge of languages opens up a total new world crammed with opportunity. Do you dream of working in a overseas country? Maybe searching to trade careers or even begin your personal enterprise overseas? Korean language affords some of the first-class possibilities for an thrilling new career. If you are passionate about gaining knowledge of new languages, there is a incredible risk you will find out a complete new realm of studies, with much less opposition and total new plethora of possibilities to seem ahead to. To exhibit you simply how vital mastering a new language simply is and why you must get began today, right here is what we have created 5 motives why you need to research a new language

1) Growth in Career opportunities
2) Increase creative and cognitive ability of the brain
3) Connect to a population of 51.7 million people
4) Travel and tourism
5) Change in perspective and Worldview

What are Topik levels?

Topik levels measure the ability of Korean speaking, reading and writing. TOPIK test has reading, writing, and listening sections. Topik test has three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Topik level is again divided into topik1, topik2, topik3, topik4, topik5 and topik6.

How can I register for the TOPIK Test?

In Korea: If you are in Korea, you can register for the test online on The registration fee is KRW 35,000 for TOPIK I (level 1-2) and KRW 40,000 for TOPIK II (level 3-6), which can be paid through debit/credit card, online banking or direct bank transfer.
In Other Countries: In most countries, the Korean Embassies and Korean Culture Centres (한국문화원) administer the TOPIK tests. Some affiliate institutes also accept the applications. For registration, you have to visit the embassy or affiliate institution with 2 passport size photographs and the registration fee (which varies country to country).

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