The Ultimate Guide for Spanish language preparation - 2023. Everything You Need To Know.

The British School of languages has online courses open for learning Spanish. We assist students with learning Spanish on the online platform, Courses starting from A1 up to B2 level with the help of skilled instructors with practical experience.
British School of languages has physical and online courses accessible for learning Spanish.
British School of Languages helps learners to get adequate knowledge of Spanish at every level one at a time. No other Institute can give you such courses at a truly reasonable fee.
Valid reasons to join the British school of languages for learning Spanish.

1. Oldest and Finest Institute to learn Spanish

BSL is one of the oldest and finest Institutes that offers Spanish language courses to students online. Quality education, when we think about it, is only available at the British school of languages, they train you as a professional and make you an expert in a language.

2. Group and personal sessions available.

We at BSL provide both group and personal sessions as per the students choice as many are comfortable studying in a group while others are good to go with individual sessions so they may pick the type of classes they want and learn hassle-free. In group batch size is too small, merely 4 to 5 students maximum so that equal attention and focus of a trainer could be on all the students.

3. Free demo classes

The best thing which students and parents appreciate is the facility to get free demo sessions, as these demo sessions can give clarity to the students about the pedagogy of teaching. And helps to take a just and wise decision of opting for a language course.

4. Learn from National and International trainer

We at Bsl provide Spanish language both from national and international trainers from the USA, Australia, the middle east, and many more. The trainers are working round the clock to deliver the best of the knowledge they have acquired, what we have committed we are ecstatic to meet those norms. So by the end of the course student could proudly say that they have achieved what they dreamt of.

5. Affordable fee structure

The affordable fee structure offered by BSL for learning Spanish makes us stand apart in this world of competition. We provide quality training to all the students who enroll in the course. As happy learning creates smiles that bring organization miles in the Education platform.

6. Physical presence existence in India

We have several branches in India which you could visit, come and feel our presence as it helps to build that trust that we are there to provide the best language course and help to achieve the targets. We have top-class infrastructure which provides comfort and advanced techniques required for a better learning experience.

7. Offers Best certificate courses

BSL offers course competition certificates after clearing the test at every level, these certificates could empower your career. BSL compliance with CEFR ensures that the certificates given to a learner will be recognized and open job prospects too.

8. Most searched Institute on google and quora

BSL is the most searched Institute in terms of foreign languages on google and quora. You may read the reviews shared by a number of our students who completed a language course with us.

9. Best Institute for learning Spanish.

Bsl provides world-class training in terms of the Spanish language. As our trainers are fully dedicated and determined towards their duty and leave no stone unturned to provide quality education to the students who enroll for a Spanish language course with us.

10. Registration certificate.

Bill has all the valid certificates which are required for doing business….

11 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Common European Framework for Languages

Bsl follows the teaching system of CEFR which is an international standard to assess the ability of an individual in any language. It is classified further into six levels of proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2) where A1 and A2 are considered as beginner level and Elementary level, B1 and B2 as intermediate and upper intermediate level and C1 and C2 as proficient and native level. The specific level is provided as per the need of a student.

12. BSL Classes

British School of Language offers nonstop 16 hours back to back online classes from ( 6:am to 1; am ) IST this flexibility in time helps the students to choose time for the classes at their convenience. Customized and flexible classes for everyone.

13 recorded and live sessions.

We are known for providing quality training as we provide not only live sessions but also provide recorded ones case if you miss any of the sessions due to some reason your learning would not get hampered you may easily access that recorded session and complete the entire course without missing anything.

14. Best study material.

In terms of study material, we have worked tirelessly with full determination and dedication to providing well-researched and effective study material. As everyone knows, Rome was not built in a day so in the same way, it took years to prepare the best study material for you. We keep updating from time to time with the necessary changes required.

16. International presence.

Bsl is one of the key Institutes that has spread its network across the globe. We have several offices in different countries of the world like Germany, Dubai…

17. learn and work with us, we have an opportunity for you.

We provide employment opportunities to the students too who learn with us. If you wish to become a language trainer feel free to reach out to us.

18. Experienced and Certified mentors.

We are going to provide you the Spanish mentors who have been teaching language for years, and certified language trainers who have a pragmatic approach while teaching and delivering the best of the talent they possess.

19. first to start o line course for the Spanish language.

BSL is the first to start an online Spanish language course. As millions of learners from across the globe can easily join our online sessions. It(s) beneficial for those working professionals who can(t) attend offline classes in the daytime and can opt for late evening classes to fulfill their passion or requirement to learn a language.

20. Easily accessible on Google Play store or ios.

The BSL application is available on the play store which could be easily downloaded and accessible from Android and ios gizmos. Just search BSL-British school of languages rest you will get all the details on our Application.

21. Most Reviewed organization.

You may check our reviews on quora, where you could find the feedback shared by our students, which would assure you about the quality training that is delivered by our certified and experienced trainers.

22. Pay and start classes.

We work with a big team of trainers. And make sure that you won(t) compromise in the phase of learning. And for that, we make an utmost effort to provide the classes from the very next day of enrollment.

23. Online Assessment and quality training.

British school of languages provides an online assessment of speaking, reading, listening, and writing to check the level of knowledge gained by a learner at regular intervals, different kinds of audio and videos are made available to the students for practice and improving their language skills.

24. Support

24*7 customer support WhatsApp us at 8009000014 Or you may write us at Email: We are always there to assist you.

25. small size interactive groups

We have small-size group batches of a maximum of 5 students so that individual attention is given to the students keeping their learning a priority. As learning in a group is always interesting, interactive, and playful. And there is a lot more to explore as you may come in direct contact with people across the world.

26. Trainer change within 48 hours.
Bsl provides a trainer change facility as sometimes a student may not be comfortable taking classes from a particular trainer in that case after giving a valid reason for a trainer change they may get another trainer within 48 hours.
27. Flexibility and privileges

We consider every student our Family and have a feeling of empathy for them that is the reason we try to provide every possible required flexibility and support, As Every student can take one week off informed leave during the course. In the meanwhile recorded session would be shared with him if he is taking group sessions, in the case of personal classes his course could be on hold and resume after a week time is over.

28. Study material available on Amazon, Flipkart

Best study material is available on all the user-friendly platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Google Books, etc

29. 47.Best online Spanish Language Course

BSL has been one of the best institutes not only in India but in the entire world. It got established in 1971 and still provides unprecedented quality training. BSL not only provides courses for adults but kids starting from age 6 years. The platform of BSL provides group as well as one-on-one training at a very cost-effective fee for you to feel comfortable with your budget.

30. cloud-based virtual classroom and LMS software.

BSL has developed a cloud-based virtual classroom and LMS software which could be experienced by taking a free demo class. In these classrooms, instructors and participants can engage with each other which makes learning easier. they can interact, communicate, and exchange ideas with the help of a BSL virtual classroom and students also have access to get quality teachers overseas.

31. Facilitate communication with a Spanish speaker

As Bsl provides classes from both national and international trainers So definitely you may come in contact with native Spanish speakers which could be helpful to learn their style and accent speaking.

32. Helps in getting admission To overseas colleges

Learning a language always has a purpose behind as many learn to get admission in overseas colleges, so after learning a language up to the proficient level it may open many opportunities to get admission in overseas colleges and for that Bsl provides full guidance.

33. leading in online Spanish classes

Bsl has been ranked on top for providing Spanish classes online by both Indian and native Spanish speakers. Students may pick the trainer of their choice for taking classes, as the videos of all the trainers who are working with us have been uploaded on our official YouTube channel.

34. practice session for appearing in DELE Exam.

We provide enough practice and make students prepare for clearing an official Spanish language exam known as DELE for all levels.

35. combo offer

British school of languages provides a combo offer to students who enroll for two levels together, if any student pay for A1 and A2 level together they may avail of offers and discount.

35. Intensive course and Extensive course.

The British School of languages offers both intensive and extensive courses to French language learners, those who have a time crunch but would like to have enough know-how of the language for them intensive courses are designed. On the other hand, those who could devote enough time to learn a language for them extensive courses are made. So the course is customized as per the student(s) requirement.

36. 15.structured group classes or customized learning with a personal instructor.

Well-structured group or personal session, Runs in a proper format aims to help students to achieve their target to learn a language and learn to the fullest. In group sessions, there is a maximum of 4 to 5 students so that equal attention could be given to all. And in a personal session, a trainer is aligned with a student who takes the course ahead.


Bsl fulfills what it commits to, as our priority is to provide perfect guidance from certified and highly experienced trainers. As one who is experienced can think methodically and have a pragmatic approach to teaching too. They could make learning easy and playful, as our trainers have left no stone unturned to deliver the best of their knowledge, understandings, and skills, which will be better outfitted to furnish comprehensive, active, and high-quality sessions.

38. physical existence in India.

The British school of languages has a physical existence all over India and is now expanding internationally too. One can easily locate us on Google maps. All our centers have world-class infrastructure which provides the comfort and latest smart classes and techniques required for better learning.

39. Highly trustworthy certificate course.

Bsl provides course completion certificates to the students after clearing each level with flying colors, primarily based absolutely on the (CEFR) pattern. These certificates could be a key tool for learners to build and showcase skills to advance learners.

40. Complete guidance and exam practice

Complete practice for an international standard exam is provided to the student before taking the Bsl exam, which includes model test papers, worksheets, and different assignments to make students confident enough to appear in the exam. Before giving the exam you need to know everything and be clear with all your doubts and queries and have enough practice to keep the stone rolling.

43. Oldest website

British School of Language has not only gained the trust and love of the students but has ruled in the hearts of millions of students, working professionals, homemakers, and kids and meeting their expectations for years. The website of BSL is one of the oldest websites.

42. Most Powerful Certification Course.

We provide the most powerful certification course which will help you to access better job opportunities. After completion of every level, the student is awarded the certificate.

43. course can be compared.

Learners have a right to acquire full information about all the courses for this students can easily compare the courses and get detailed information on the website.

44. social presence on all social networking platforms (FB, Insta, Twitter)

We have an ever-lasting presence on all social networking platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). It helped us to create trust among the people and an opportunity to build rapport.

45. provides both online and offline.

British school of languages provides both online and offline classes you can learn from anywhere, with no location-specific learning, as keeping all the distractions aside it is very important to learn and gain knowledge no matter how you learn online or offline.

46. Affordable fee structure

The affordable fee structure offered by BSL for learning makes us stand apart in this world of competition. We provide quality training to all the students who enroll in the course. As happy learning creates smiles that bring organization miles in the Education platform.

47. Become Linguistically Smart

The courses are aimed to make you linguistically smart so can read, write, listen and speak in a particular language chosen effectively.

48. Organize your Course

BSL will help you to plan your course on the basis of what is the purpose of your course you may choose the timing of the classes, the trainer that will teach you, and much more.

49. first to start an online course for the Spanish language.

BSL is the first to start an online Spanish language course. As millions of learners from across the globe can easily join our online sessions. It(s) beneficial for those working professionals who can(t) attend offline classes in the daytime and can opt for late evening classes to fulfill their passion or requirement to learn a language.

50. crash course of Language for learners

British school of language also provides a crash course for school-going and professionals, who have limited time and a strong desire or keen interest to learn a language.
International Exam to be given in the Spanish language for proving language proficiency.
The DELE exam is the best official and international proof of your Spanish knowledge.
It is a globally recognized Spanish proficiency test.
The Instituto Cervantes is authorized to conduct DELEexam. It provides a DELE certificate on behalf of the Spanish ministry of education and science. The minimum age required to appear in the DELE exam is 16.
There are four testing centers in India- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The certificate issued is valid forever.

Learn Certified Spanish with Native Trainer

Spanish is a language full of exquisiteness, coats of sense, and rich dialectal history. Spanish is the key language of millions of individuals in 21 nations. Spanish is equally noteworthy as English for the folks who live in this part of the globe.
Spanish is the second most popular language, after English, which is utilized in numerous types of world-wide communication.

Benefits of Learning Spanish:

1. Facilitates communication with Spanish speakers of the globe

Spoken by a projected four hundred million individuals internationally, Spanish is presently the 4th most spoken language in the world.

2. Make your travel practices more thrilling and gratifying

There are twenty-one nations in the world that have Spanish as an authorized language. Knowing the language will make your wanderlust in beautiful Spain and Latin America much easier. A good grip on the Spanish language will actually augment your travel experience.

3. Better job prospects

There are several jobs that require basic proficiency in the Spanish language. This can give you a cutting edge over other employees and the chance are that you may earn a higher salary for your Spanish knowledge.

4. Helps in getting admission in oversees colleges

There are many universities, colleges that offer a variety of study abroad programs and exchanges. It will make it simpler to make networks, shop for foodstuffs and clothes, eat in cafeterias and do many other indispensable things to assist you to enjoy your experience while overseas.

5. Appreciate Spanish music, theatre, movie, and fiction in their innovative Spanish forms

There is also lots of delightful Spanish and Latin American music. Do not just limit yourself, there are many websites available where you can hear many diverse and thrilling types of Spanish and Latin American music.


Common European Framework of Reference for language (CEFR) which is a universal body that portrays the language speaking capacity of speakers has partitioned the Spanish language into six levels of learning.
A1 - Beginner
A2 - Elementary
B1 - Intermediate
B2 - Upper-Intermediate
C1 - Advanced
C2- Master Proficient


A learner at A1 level:

  • Can comprehend and use recognizable ordinary expressions and very elementary phrases intended at the gratification of requirements of an actual type.
  • Can interrelate in a modest way in case of the other person talks slowly and plainly and is ready to help.

British School of Language is the longest-serving institute teaching foreign languages since 1971. We were the first to familiarise Spanish as a language and since has no sign of returning. We have introduced online Spanish course A1 which explains all the levels of Spanish.
All these levels are well taught in the British School of Language. And we help students learn online Spanish course A1 level and other levels with the backing of knowledgeable educators at a truly reasonable fee. Join the British School of Language today and learn Spanish at every level one at a time. No other Institute can give you such courses at truly reasonable prices, so join today and study online at the comfort of your home.


A learner at A2 level:

  • Can comprehend sentences and often used expressions related to very basic personal and household info, local topography, service.
  • Can connect in simple and repetitive chores requiring a simple and direct conversation of info on familiar and routine matters.
  • Can describe in simple terms features of his/her upbringing, immediate setting, and matters in areas of direct need.

British School of Language has presented an online Spanish course A2 and an additional full course to display all the degrees of Spanish. A2 level is the basic degree of Spanish language education above the A1 level and there are four extra levels after it. British School of language has physical and online courses accessible for learning Spanish


A learner at B1 level:

  • Can recognize the main points of clear normal input on familiar substances regularly faced in work, college, rest, etc.
  • Can handle most circumstances likely to emerge from wandering in a part where the language is spoken.
  • Can create simply connected writings on topics that are accustomed or of personal interest.
  • Can describe actions, dreams, expectations, and drives and briefly give details and explanations for views and strategies.

B1 level learners can portray an event, an experience, or a dream; outline a desire or goal, and assemble reasons or explanations behind a task or thought.


A learner at B2 level:

  • Can appreciate the main concepts of intricate text on various topics, including technical debates in his/her field of specialization.
  • Can relate with a degree of effortlessness and impulsiveness that makes regular interface with native speakers possible without stress for either party.
  • Can describe a perspective on a present issue giving the benefits and drawbacks of various choices.

The B1 level is the intermediate level of Spanish language learning above the A2 level and there are three extra levels followed by it. It is the third level of the Spanish language that includes Grammar, speaking, reading, listening, writing, pronunciation, etc. British School of language has online courses open for learning Spanish. We assist students with learning on the online Spanish course B1 level with the help of skilled instructors at a practical expense.


A learner at C1 level:

  • Can recognize a wide variety of challenging, longer scripts, and identify implied meaning.
  • Can present ideas smoothly and naturally without much noticeable searching for expressions.
  • Can use language compliantly and efficiently for social, academic, and professional purposes.
  • Can produce clear, well-structured, thorough writing on intricate themes, showing controlled use of organizational forms.


A learner at C2 level:

  • Can appreciate with easiness almost everything heard or read.
  • Can sum up information from different spoken and written sources, recreating opinions, and in a comprehensible performance.
  • Can express him/herself impulsively, very fluently, and precisely even in the most complex situations.

A1 being the most fundamental and C2 is the ultimate master in the Spanish language.


Learning a language can occasionally be a challenging and exasperating experience. At times you feel that you have reached a dead-end and inspiring yourself can become problematic. Remember that speaking a second language can offer you innumerable opportunities.

Join the British School of Language today and learn Spanish with all its stages a little bit at a time. No other institute other than the British School of Language can give you such courses at moderate costs, so join today and start. learning a second language is a most gratifying and worthwhile enterprise.

Spanish Language

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