Voice and Accent week

Voice and Accent week
01 Jan 1970

Voice and Accent week

Your voice not just conveys your message – it can say a great deal regarding you. Like it or not, individuals make decisions dependent on the manner in which you convey; so, your expert achievement will rely upon your talking aptitudes.

Your voice not just conveys your message – it can say a great deal regarding you. Like it or not, individuals make decisions dependent on the manner in which you convey; so, your expert achievement will rely upon your talking aptitudes. Our voice and accent training week at the British School of Languages is intended for both local and non-local speakers of English.

Training Objective:

The preparation can zero in on unmistakable points and can push you to:

  • Speak with more noteworthy authority certainty
  • Reduce issues brought about by accent
  •  Improve individual sounds to be more clear

Voice training is for any individual who should be an effective communicator yet who feels that at least one part of their speech prevents them from completely accomplishing this.

Individuals from a wide scope of professions have taken voice preparing, including chiefs, legislators, legal counselors, deals sales force, experts, specialists, educators, and call center staff.

English accent training shows you new sounds and speech propensities. An ordinary meeting includes taking a shot at:

  • Breathing and the manner in which you hold your body
  • Tongue position when talking
  • Mouth muscles
  • Capacity to duplicate and perceive sounds

The exercises additionally include relaxation exercises, voice drills, and exercises. Mentors focus on accent, and furthermore to beat stress and intonation examples.


Learning Outcome:

Toward the end of the week you can hope to:

  • Talk all the more clearly and confidently
  • Comprehend and utilize your voice all the more viably

Non-local and local speakers who have a decent level of English may pick voice training to relax a highlight.

In all cases, voice training will improve your presentation and public speaking abilities. This will assist you with imparting all the more viably with an enormous audience as well as with little gatherings as well.


Training Module:

 Our educators focus on the following significant aspects in detail:

  1. The phonetics
  2. Jaw and verbalization works out
  3. Vowel and Consonant sounds
  4. Articulation
  5. Syllable and word stress
  6. Development of sentences
  7. Voice regulation

With our voice and accent training program at the British School of Languages, improving your English Accent is simple and agreeable. Our preparation program assists with learning and ace the most testing qualities, for example, irksome vowel sounds, distinction in stressed and unstressed syllables, and words, which make you sound like a local speaker. This preparation module creates you to shave off the overabundance of local accents from your present speech, and create a neutral accent normally. This voice and accent training module gives you a comprehension of the British method of talking, culture, and assorted variety.

Our voice and accent training week is exceptionally specific content offered to you by proficient voice mentors. Our course offers accent reduction, practice in British expressions and discussion, and learning the musicality of standard British communicated in English. This course goes past only showing linguistic structures of the English language, our emphasis is on how you sound when you talk and how viably you speak with others around the globe. We concur that there is nothing amiss with talking with a highlight; notwithstanding, we know that numerous individuals might want to improve their English talking abilities by lessening their accent. We will probably assist you with increasing more confidence and adequacy in your English talking aptitudes by decreasing the impact of your native language or local accent.



A large number of us neglect to understand the significant part that accent and voice modulation plays in our social and expert lives. When talking in a non-native language, we frequently don't understand how our speech loses its common self-assurance. This winds up influencing our natural personalities too.

Voice and accent coaches today are a store for almost all language and essential communication skills. They hold the stunning capacity to groom untalented potential into high achievers. More than proficient capacities, in any case, coaches release your common fearlessness, hunkered in the information that your words will be perceived and your voice heard!

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