Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand
01 Jan 1970

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is unquestionably the securest nation to learn. With internationally graded colleges and a receptive education system, it has the exact mix of chances, ethos, economy, and environment to prosper for an Indian student.

New Zealand is a nation where liberation, creativity and originality are considered exceedingly than rank or instructions. As a scholar here you will be stimulated to be inquisitive and flexible.

New Zealand is unquestionably the securest nation to learn. With internationally graded colleges and a receptive education system, it has the exact mix of chances, ethos, economy, and environment to prosper for an Indian student. Needless to mention, its perfect scenery will make your experience valuable.

Reasons that make New Zealand a favourable destination for pursuing your higher education.  

1.Excellent instruction

New Zealand offers high-quality education, which is internationally accepted. According to a survey, all New Zealand colleges appear in the topmost colleges universal. The administration also confirms that institutes are registered to enrol global students and fulfil with qualification norms. The nation’s educational set up is grounded on the British educational framework, which is acknowledged worldwide.

2. Reasonable than other many nations

We comprehend that learning abroad can be a classy affair but learning in New Zealand is reasonably priced than many other nations. All the top-graded universities and colleges in New Zealand have their own fee structures, but, reasonably priced.

3.Many grants are accessible 

To offer to back to world-wide scholars, New Zealand offers an extensive variety of grants. Scholars may apply for a formal grant, program-targeted grant, lodging grant or even a government grant. Since 2016, a distinct grant has been presented by Educational Authorities New Zealand for Indian students.

4.Job prospects

Global students in New Zealand can request a work visa after studies dependent on their educational qualification and location. The length of the post-study work visa may vary between one to three years. New Zealand also permits students to work part-time while learning. Thus, offering them a chance to maintain their daily living expenditures and acquiring more applied knowledge while learning.

5.Cultural distinctiveness 

New Zealanders are acknowledged for their outgoing, open, and truthful nature. With the nation acclaiming its multi-cultural society entirely, it is very open-hearted to global students from all societies. When deciding to move to a new nation, one of the most significant characteristics to be reflected is security. New Zealand’s has been ranked as the second most peaceful country.


What are the principles for applying to grants to study in New Zealand for Indian scholars?

The most significant principle for most scholarships is a decent academic grade, nevertheless, it is also contingent on issues such as your selected place, topic, and level. In some grants, factors like additional events, and volunteering can also be used to advantage. Keep in mind that every grant has its own admissibility standards. Whereas in some, only an application may be sufficient, while for others you may have to accomplish several other circumstances.


How much money is accessible through grants?

The amount of money accessible and the type of grant differs between institutes. Certain study programs may provide up to one hundred percent of the tuition fee along with a part of your living expenditures. You may have to face a higher struggle when you apply for government scholarships in contrast to college scholarships. So, we advise you to start with the process about a year prior to your favored intake starts. Also, most universities and colleges also have their own list of grants for Indian scholars.


Student visa prerequisite for New Zealand

The New Zealand Administration offers a chance to all Indian scholars to learn in the country but as a precondition, you will have to get a student visa first. The visa you require will be contingent on the type of education you want to follow, and length of your stay in New Zealand. 

If you are an adult and propose to study in New Zealand for more than half a year, here’s a summary of the kinds of student visa accessible for you:

Fee-Paying Student Visa

Exchange Student Visa

Foreign Government Supported Student Visa

Pathway Student Visa

As an Indian scholar, you would generally need a Fee-Paying Student visa. 

While learning in New Zealand, it is vital to sustaining your Fee-Paying student status. This standing relates to the determination or motive behind your stay in New Zealand. 

Credentials essential for New Zealand’s Fee-Paying student visa

To apply for a visa to New Zealand, a student usually needs:

  •  Passport, which essentially should be effective for at least 3 months after your length of stay in New Zealand
  • A letter of acceptance from a New Zealand educational institute, which specifies the minimum course period, total tuition fee and whether the tuition fee is in native and foreign currency. The course must be accepted by the New Zealand Authority
  • A written assurance from an organization or person that appropriate lodging is accessible to you in New Zealand (if you are a minor)
  • A return air ticket to your nation, or indication of adequate funds to buy one


Some extra credentials may include:

  • Academic training papers such as records, diplomas, degrees, or certificates
  • Present application form – student visa application form
  • Visa application fee
  • Tuition fee receipt showing expense to date
  • Passport-sized photographs 



To get a New Zealand student visa, you will have to provide proof of expertise in the English language. This characteristically means qualifying a standard English language test to be able to show your communiqué and correspondence abilities.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the international most prevalent English language expertise exam for education, job, and migration. The IELTS grades are acknowledged by more than ten thousand bodies, comprising educational institutions, employers, professional associations, and governments, around the world.

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