Online IELTS Reading Test in India


Studying or living abroad is a dream of many individuals and IELTS is a ticket to their dreams. IELTS is an english test to be cleared before one can get accepted in English Speaking countries including North America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. IELTS is available in 1600 locations worldwide.

British School of language is the oldest and most prestigious institute providing best in class faculty and study material as well as practice tests. BSL provides online tests as well like online IELTS reading test, writing test, listening test and speaking test. All these sections are contained in one test and are to be practiced thoroughly so as to score well. Here we will discuss about reading test which is different for Academic and general training candidates.


Academic and General Training Online IELTS Reading Test

Candidate will give the Academic IELTS Reading Test if he/she wants to study abroad while taking the test for working abroad purposes requires the IELTS General Training Test.


Academic IELTS Reading Test

Academic IELTS Reading test deadline is 60 minutes and there are 40 questions to be answered carrying one mark each.

There are three reading passages with a total of 2,100-2,800 words. Passages are taken from magazines, newspapers, books and journals. Topics are of general interest so it is not required to prepare a specific topic. The texts are related to the issues that are usual to candidates who will enter into different courses.


The General Training Reading Test

The General Training reading test also takes 60 minutes and there are 40 questions just like the Academic test and each one is worth 1 mark. 

The three sections of readings are 2,100-2,800 words and each section is harder than the one before. Here texts are taken from leaflets, instruction manuals, official documents, notices, booklets, advertisements, newspapers, books and magazines.

These are the types of question candidate can expect in the test from both the academic and general training: 

  • multichoice
  • Completing sentences
  • notes/diagram/summary/table completion
  • Appropriate Title for a paragraph
  • short-answer questions
  • matching lists
  • Identifying writer's views/claims
  • Identifying information
  • Classification

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