Online IELTS Listening Test in India


IELTS test is the most valued English test accepted in all the English speaking countries as a certificate that a non native person can speak English. It is divided into four sections –

  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • reading. 

With BSL’s Online IELTS Listening Test these sections are prepared thoroughly by the top class experienced professionals who pave the path of success and triumph. 

IELTS Listening Test

This section accommodates four sub sections and every section is difficult than the other. Students are allotted single round to listen to every section. Test is then conducted for 40 minutes where in listening takes approximately 30 minutes in total and 10 remaining minutes are used to jot down the answers is to the answer sheets. 

Preparing any topic does not make any difference as all the topics are of general interest. The first two are related to social knowledge while the final two sections are related to education. The sections covered in Online IELTS Listening Test are-

Section One - In this section there is a conversation between two speakers. For example- a conversation about travel arrangements, booking accommodation, or decisions on a night out.

Section Two - The second section is a monologue (a speech by one person). It will be set in an everyday social context. For example - a speech about student services on a University campus or arrangements for meals during a conference.

Section Three - Section three is a conversation up to four people. For example, a conversation between a teacher and a student about an assignment or between three students planning a research project.

Section Four - The final part is another monologue. It is a lecture or talk of general academic interest such as a university lecture.

Types of Questions which may appear:

  1. Sentence completion 
  2. Short-answer 
  3. Multichoice
  4. Notes/summary/diagram/flow chart/table completion
  5. Matching
  6. Labelling a diagram which has numbered parts  
  7. Classification 

All the instructions and rules to answer the questions are mentioned evidently on the test paper. One mark is awarded for every right answer. BSL gives you a platform where learning is made easier by introducing Online IELTS Listening Test. Answers are to be written on the question paper along with listening and once the tape ends 10 minutes are given to jot down the correct answers to the answer sheet.

Join BSL’s Online IELTS Listening Test today and give yourself freedom to express your words by communicating in English without any break. We are waiting!!!

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