Online IELTS General Mock Test


Dear all, we have heard of the saying that “Practice makes you perfect”. To justify this British school of Language (BSL) comes forward with its Online IELTS General Mock Test which provides you a platform where you can actually practice to make yourself perfect. Yes! It’s true. Mock test is a type of online practice paper that is exactly similar to the fundamental test papers that incorporated similar style of the questions in a similar organisation. All you have to do is to understand them evidently and meticulously solve them. These mock tests give you an ideal thought regarding the main test and are helpful in determining where you stand and you can practice again and again to become perfect and well prepared for the main tests.

IELTS’s extension is “International English Language Testing System” which measures the person’s competency and standards of English who intends to study or work where communication in English is used as the main language. Thanks to Online IELTS General Mock Test that is able to make every individual proficient enough in dealing with the communication at its best. IELTS uses a nine band scale where band 1 being non user and 9 band being the expert user to recognise the level of improvement that the individual has made and can practice accordingly to become absolute precise in developing communication skills. BSL’s Online IELTS General Mock test embodies all the four parts of IELTS General. They are:- 

  • Listening – there are four recordings of the native English speakers where then the questions are asked related to the recordings and students have to write their answers correctly to a series of questions.
  • General reading – it comprises 40 questions that are asked from the content which is extracted from different sources like books, magazines, newspapers, notices, blogs, articles, advertisements etc.
  • General writing - two general writing tasks will be given one is to write letter requesting information and second is to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem.
  • Speaking - this will assess your spoken English where one examiner will be ask questions and then you will be given a random topic which you have to prepare in a minute and speak on that for two minutes.

BSL’s Online IELTS General Mock test helps all the students keeping communication and learning as a priority. Join BSL today and practice online IELTS Academic Mock test to develop excellence in IELTS.

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