Online IELTS Academic Mock Test


Mock test is a test which is actually similar to the fundamental test. Questions are in a similar organisation and you have to comprehend them in a similar time limit. Comprehending mock tests gives you an ideal thought regarding the main test. It makes you investigate yourself and see where you currently stand and the amount you can score.

IELTS is a significant test to be cleared by an individual who needs to settle abroad for scholarly, professional or some other reason. IELTS affirms that one can speak with the local individuals of that nation. IELTS is separated into two fragments as per the necessity of the students. 

First being IELTS Academic which is for the individuals who need to apply for advanced education or professional registration.

Second being IELTS General Training, which is for those moving to Australia, Canada and the UK or applying for secondary education,  preparing projects and work involvement with an English talking nation. The aptitudes to be aced contains speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Among the IELTS Academic and IELTS General training Academic test is more difficult to solve. Although most of the part between the two will be the same but the band score allotted will be different and also the reading and writing test would be different. Reading and writing part which is considered to be difficult but British School of Language’s online IELTS Academic Mock test is all set to make the candidate ready for any obstacle that can come. BSL’s mock tests are as real as the main test. Practicing these tests again and again will make the candidate super confident for giving the main exam.

BSL’s Online IELTS Academic Mock test covers all the four parts of  IELTS Academic.These four parts are mentioned below in detail:

  • Listening - There will be four recordings of native english speakers then you have to write your answers correctly to a series of questions.
  • Academic reading - There will be three long texts which range from descriptive to factual and factual to discursive and analytical. 40 questions will be provided to test the reading skills.
  • Academic writing - Two writing tasks of general interest will be given, one to interpret and summarise from graph or diagram and second to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem.
  • Speaking - this will assess your spoken english where one examiner will be present asking questions and then you will be given a random topic which you have to prepare in a minute and speak on that for two minutes.

BSL is bound to help all the students with high priority if they encounter any problem. Join BSL today and practice online IELTS Academic Mock test to excel in IELTS.

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