Introduction Week

Introduction Week
01 Jan 1970

Introduction Week

e the option to create weightage in your words as opposed to utilizing plain modifiers.

Self-introduction is for sure an extremely daunting task. How you present yourself says a lot about your character and qualities. The most significant hint for a self-introduction speech is that you ought to have the option to create weightage in your words as opposed to utilizing plain modifiers. Discussion about your past experiences, your energy, and your keen objectives at whatever point you are approached to present yourself however ensure it is succinct and direct. Start with a beaming smile on your face and end by offering thanks to the audience.

Self-introduction is considerably more than saying your name. You have to reveal some more data about you in English. Acquainting yourself with outsiders can be precarious on the grounds that what you state relies upon the unique circumstance, circumstance (introduce yourself in a prospective employee meeting, introduce yourself in an email or give self-presentation in English class).

Self-introduction is needed when you are:

  • Starting a meeting
  • Going for a placement meet
  • Networking with new associations
  • Giving a presentation
  • Meeting individuals at a social gathering


At the British School of Language, you will figure out how to unquestionably present yourself in English.

Our team has designed a step by step approach to tackling this issue which works well in every situation

1. Start with a beaming smile all over and give insights regarding Name, Place in the wake of welcome.

2. Share about family only if it is required.

3. Give details about your academic experience.

4. Share your reason for applying for the job.

5. Discuss the Projects you have handled in short.

6. The individual who motivated you a great deal.

7. Talk about your leisure activity.

8.Mind the cultural context - If you’re introducing yourself to an international audience, make sure not to offend anybody.

9. Tell about additional skills you have (other than your specialization).

10. Wrap up by expressing profound gratitude to the person who is listening to you.


Here are some sample self-introduction for your ready reference

Self Introduction in a sales interview

"Good Afternoon Sir/Ma’am. I am Mohan Chhabra, I am an advertising chief with 5 years of experience. In my present place of employment at XYZ organization, I accomplished a normal of 14 % deals development over the three years.

My solid systems administration and relationship management abilities have brought about extending the client base by 35%.

Presently I am anxious to address the difficulty of growing new regions for your organization."


Self Introduction in a Social Gathering

Hello there, my name is Rohan. I lead the XYZ bank's business group in the north zone. I've been coming to film watchers and showcasing get together gatherings for as long as a year or thereabouts, however, this is my first visit to this (outside) gathering. Having taken barely any climbing undertakings, scarcely any day-long cycling trips, and many end of the week outings, I'm a significant outdoor person. I couldn't want anything more than to meet individuals in the gathering and partake in outside exercises sorted out by the gathering in the future.


Self Introduction in a Jo interview by a Fresher

Great morning sir/madam;

I am thankful to you for giving me this chance and it's my pleasure to present myself.

I am Rachel from Mumbai. I finished my MBA from XYZ college with 74.5% and I have finished my schooling at a government school with 73.58%.

As far as my family s concerned, my mother is a doctor and my father is a graphic designer.

I am a fresher and have no work experience with any organization.

My quality is I can embrace effectively in a situation.

My short-term objective is to be a part of an esteemed organization like yours which will offer me a chance to upgrade my aptitudes and Knowledge.

That is about me, sir. Thank you for giving me such an awesome chance.



On the off chance that you need to present yourself in an expert manner, make sure to be aware of the social setting. As such, ensure your introduction fits the circumstance. Additionally, know about why you're introducing yourself in any case, and what you need others to find out about you.

Reverberate with the crowd. Keep in mind: you're acquainting yourself with other people, so act like a human yourself. Grin and visually connect. Zero in on what's applicable as no one appreciates silly meanders. In this way, don't state excessively, keep away from verbosity. Be brief and direct.

To wrap things up—get ready. Particularly if your self-presentation is important for a bigger introduction to a live crowd. Also, don't focus on flawlessness. Simply make sure that you have everything right. The right is sufficient.

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