Body Language week

Body Language week
01 Jan 1970

Body Language week

Body language is the greatest superpower one can actually have. It has the intensity of making you just as breaking you. The birthplace of the word non-verbal communication (otherwise called kinesics) in German means movement.

Body language is the greatest superpower one can actually have. It has the intensity of making you just as breaking you. The birthplace of the word non-verbal communication (otherwise called kinesics) in German means movement. Non-verbal communication assumes a significant part in practically all parts of the business, particularly in the initiative and management jobs.

According to behavioral research, we just utilize 7% of our correspondence as words! We call it verbal communication. The other 93% is our non-verbal correspondence. What's more, figuring out how to perceive the profundities of this ability will enable you to figure out how to peruse the musings of others when they talk.

Your non-verbal communication incorporates the manner of speaking, the unpretentious activities you make, your eye to eye connection and developments, your position, your stance, and so forth., send messages to the individual conveyed to.

Body language incorporates activities and methods of carrying on. Eye contact is a non-verbal communication marker in the work environment. Maintaining eye contact shows intrigue, consideration, certainty, and trustworthiness. Deflecting your look may make a partner feel you aren't being straightforward. The overall posture at work additionally demonstrate your sentiments about the circumstance. Your general stance likewise shows your certainty and enthusiasm for what you are doing. Drooping in your seat during a gathering may make others sense that you are exhausted or not intrigued by the introduction. Hand gestures additionally assume a part in workplace communication


Learning Outcomes:

  • Better correspondence inside the group.
  • Making a positive effect on clients – Internal and External.
  • Understanding sub-ordinates by perusing the body language.
  • Anticipating an expert Image all through one's corporate life.


Training Objective

This interesting proficient advancement instructional class will show you the privileged insights of how to recognize what individuals are truly thinking and feeling as communicated by their body language, hand signals, and outward appearances. There are additionally social contrasts to think about as certain societies have exceptionally striking and wild signaling while others are grave and hold.


Training Module

The Body Language Training and Non-verbal Communication Course at the British School of Languages cover the following aspects which are basic to understanding the significance of non-verbal correspondence and body language:


Module 1 – Understanding Body Language and Non-Verbal Communications

Rudiments of Body Language psychology

Rudiments of non-verbal psychology

Utilization of physical body components in Communication

Para-verbal Communication and its capacity

Depiction: Body Speaks Louder than Words


Module 2 – Interpreting Body Language: Head and Eye Motion

Approaches to peruse the Body Language

Head Movement

Making an interpretation of Gestures into Words

Separating open and shut non-verbal communication

Eye Movements

Basic body postures

Individual Space Invasion

Responsive Movements


Module 3 –  Body Language: Hand, Facial and Posture as means of communication

Depiction of Non-verbal Signals

Hand Signals and Gestures

Ideas for Sending Signals to Others

Posture Communication


Module 4 – Workplace Body Language

Prologue to Body Language in the Workplace

Speaking with non-verbal Influence

Social contrasts in Body Languages

Trust and compatibility building

Idea of Mirroring

Constrained Smiles and poses


Module 5– Personal Body Language and Non-Verbal correspondence

Comprehension of Body Language utilization

Mindfulness of your body signals

Speaking with Confidence

Getting Posturing

The idea of Practising before the Mirror

Coordinating Words with your Body signals

Match your words with what you mean


Module 6– Practice Sessions: Body Language and Non-Verbal correspondence

Assessing non-verbal communication: Real Life Videos and case studies

Gathering games and conversation

Self-Evaluation and Personal SWOT



The manner in which you carry on and act while around co-workers or your supervisor really sends bunches of non-verbal signals. Implicit correspondence is amazingly significant in the manner you may be considered for advancement, or requested to leave the activity. Non-verbal communication is a solid contributing variable to how others see you, in both a positive and negative light.

If can properly deal with your outward appearances and eye to eye connection, your utilization of hand signals just as your posture and position, your non-verbal communication will be significantly better, and this will have an impact on how others see you in a more positive light.


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