english speaking, reading, listening & writing course


english speaking, reading, listening & writing course

British School of language is an online platform where educators help in enhancing the personality of the individuals by improving all the skills through online English speaking, reading, listening and writing courses that will benefit them in all aspects throughout their life.

The course consists of four sections.

The first section focuses on speaking where we will help you to start to slowly speak in English fluently. We will introduce you to different activities with other candidates who will speak English and will urge you to speak in English as well.

This Section will cover the following topics:

  • Free speech
  • Group Discussion
  • 1 on 1 conversation
  • Presentation

Second section comprises Reading which is the best way to improve your vocabulary which is the brickwork of English. Reading will help you come across different unheard words which you will be able to introduce in your day to day conversations and make your speaking and writing skills more appealing.

BSL offers the following topics to be covered thoroughly which will help you frame sentences:

  • Magazine reading
  • Blogs reading
  • Book reading
  • News article reading

Third section is listening which indicates effective communication. Complete communication can be achieved with the help of listening. Failing to do it effectively can make the messages or information easily misunderstood. But BSL’s online English speaking, reading, listening and writing course prevent these uninvited situations from happening with you. 

Fourth section comprises writing which allows you to express yourself. Perhaps this is the reason why writing is the best way to express your feelings. It helps to connect your ideas, thoughts and your experiences on a piece of paper.

Our Online English writing test practice assessment will include:

  • Dictation
  • Essay writing
  • Vocabulary 
  • Blog writing
  • Letter writing

All these combined forms the best available course in the online world which can only be found in BSL’s online portal. Therefore do not wait and get enrolled today.

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