English speaking practice


English speaking practice

Most of people hesitate while speaking in english and fall short of words. We are unable to express our views. We will be unheard if communication falls short and you will be underestimated. Yes, you will be taken for granted.

Reading and writing in English is never enough when we talk about complete education. It is just a half win. ‘Fluency’ and ‘agility’ in speaking English plays an important role which makes your learning complete. British school of language’s online English speaking test practice assessment helps you to improvise your fluency while speaking English just like any other native English speaking person and all this is possible just a click away. 

What BSL provides?

BSL helps you to end your hesitation in speaking English. It bestows you an online English speaking test practice assessment which makes your orientation precise and error free. It upgrades your pronunciation and an overall communication skill which makes you stand out of the crowd. Apart from this BSL polishes your body language both in personal and professional domains.

This Section covers the following topics:

  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation
  • 1 on 1 conversation
  • Free speech

Group Discussion (GD) - This part involves more than two English speaking candidates. A random topic is provided and every candidate is intended to express something related to that specific topic. This allows an individual to open up their thinking capacity and express according to their perceptions and views by considering the views of other members in the group as well.   GD has its own vitality when we talk about interviews worldwide because you are checked for your skills to work as a team because you are supposed to work with other people in an organization. Therefore, BSL online English speaking test practice assessment helps you to master these skills which certainly help to get desired job.

Presentation- with BSL online English speaking test practice assessment you are given an opportunity to see yourself as a good orator by facing the audience confidently. You prepare powerpoint presentation on a topic that can be given either on spot or before handed and present it to everyone attending the online class. This improves your presenting skills evidently and makes you proficient to handle public and win their confidence and attention.

One on One conversation - this is the part where two people converse with each other on a given topic. Apart from sharing views with each other this builds up your interpersonal relationship which is very important at times when you are collaborated with other people in a team. BSL gives you a new outlook to your personality with abundance of confidence and skills which adds a charm to your body language while meeting people whether at a cafe or an office.

Free Speech – as a name says everything, no boundaries are set for an individual instead they are free to express their mind and views on any topic that ignites or bothers them. 

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