English Speaking Activities


English Speaking Activities

Ever thought how boring your education could be if there would be no activities to lit up your interest?  According to medical researches lack of activity is one of the contributing factors of mental health deterioration because “Activity leads to productivity “and productivity helps to touch skies. Luckily at British School of Language we give importance to the mental health of our students therefore we provide Online English Speaking Activities which balances the pressure of academic learning. 

One can compare lack of activity to a school which does not have extra co-curricular activities. Just imagine how boring that school would be without co-curricular activities. These activities develop your skills beyond the knowledge of your subjects. Therefore in BSL we give extra importance to activities which significantly has helped us become the best online English speaking course provider worldwide. Kudos to us!

We have all kinds of online English speaking activities which are designed perfectly to suit every student’s needs. These activities create an igniting atmosphere among students which push them to engage in their works with full concentration and interests. “BSL makes learning easy”.  BSL revolves around making our students better in reading, writing, listening and speaking English.


Our activities include:

* Introductions Skills

* Blog Writing

* Presentation Skills

* Mock Interviews

* Song Recitation

* Dining Etiquette

* Be an Anchor

* Business Etiquette

* Creativity Week

* Body Language Week

* Voice and Accent Skills

* Telephonic Conversation

* Group Discussion

* Presentations

* One to One Conversation

* Forums

* Debates

* Role Plays

* Free Speech and lot more.

All these online English speaking activities are super exciting and totally fun based just like the co-curricular activities that we use to enjoy in our school times. These important yet fun activities engage the students in their task and boost their confidence. By regular practice and rehearsals one can ameliorate their communication and reduce hesitation. This makes you more interactive, you start meeting up people because you end up being enriched with the best speaking capability. The world seems easy for you as you will be the best version of yourself after being graduated from BSL.

What more can you wish for? BSL has everything to offer you because we care.

Join BSL today and feel the change in your education profile because “learning is not just paper, pencil and book. It’s more!”

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