Presentation week

Presentation week
01 Jan 1970

Presentation week

The entire week is devoted to encouraging learners to find how to create presentations around basic targets, present key ideas and thoughts with conviction and energy, furthermore, present viable visuals, and utilize strategies for acing presentations.

The entire week is devoted to encouraging learners to find how to create presentations around basic targets, present key ideas and thoughts with conviction and energy, furthermore, present viable visuals, and utilize strategies for acing presentations.


Presentation Skills week will be useful to you if you:

  • Are a beginner in presenting in a formal setting
  • Would like to surmount your anxiousness about presenting to the audience
  • Take part in customer presentations and meetings


Agenda of the training session:

The sessions are thoughtfully planned to accomplish these objectives:

 1.Creating Successful Presentations

 2.Engaging your listeners

 3. Speaking with clarity and conciseness

 4.Understanding Body Language


 Training Objective

Outcomes Through the mentor's ability and handy information at the British School of Language, you will have the option to identify the key ideas related to presentation aptitudes and you will have the option to:


Explore how presentations functions:

A lot of effort goes into planning for the presentation before diving ‘head-in’ 


Develop a novel individual style:

 Every presenter has his/her unique style and approach towards the audience being addressed


Understand what occurs when you are facing the audience:

Practicing on your own is very different from actually facing the audience.


Practice an entire scope of procedures:

a blueprint has to prepare to explore the structure in detail.


Learn the insights and tips for a compelling presentation:

Every presenter must explore ways to make the presentation effective, it can be done through a narrative, a joke or anything customized as per the audience.


Stretch your ability to present:

Explore your potential to the fullest possible extent, taking every step needed to make an impressive presentation.


Present with style, fervor, and zeal:

Do not present as if it is a burden on your head, instead approach it with the spirit of delivering your best. Let your presentation make a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.


Using support materials”

Your presentation may require the usage of audiovisuals, hand-outs, or notes which can be distributed at the time of presentation or a quiz which you may need to engage your audience


Training Module:

Our educators have tailor-made these sessions after a lot of research and emphasis is given on certain aspects to make the presentations more effective. Step by step, presentation skills are taught to the learners using the following sequence:

  • Self-Introduction through pre-prepared speech (learners are asked to prepare it beforehand)
  • How to work with your voice and body language (verbal and non-verbal communication plays an extremely important role)
  • Bringing your presentation to the next level using the feedback you have been given

(this is diligently done by our trainers, pinpointing every single mistake so that you emerge as perfect presenters) 

  • Practice sessions:

The trainers will give topics in advance or at times it will be given on spot to judge the promptness of learners. This is done on a continuous basis

  • Techniques that help you deal with stress:

simple tips and a lot of practice helps the participants to overcome ‘stage fright’ and other similar issues

  •  Enhancing your improvising skills:

practice helps the presenters to use voice modulation and intonation effectively.

  • How to manage a difficult audience:

This is a presenter’s worst nightmare, especially in the case when they are not seasoned speakers. Our trainers train the learners to deal with not so friendly audience.

  •  Recordings to improve the experience:

This is one tried and tested method at the British School of Language, we record the entire presentation and share it with the participants so that they can learn from their own shortfalls and work towards improvement.


Subsequent to completing the course, learners will have the alternative to learn to structure the presentation and connecting with presentations. It is very important to select the most reasonable strategy dependent on the audience and the message being conveyed. The presenter is needed to master viable verbal and non-verbal communication strategies, they must learn to make awesome flip outlines to help the key messages as well as viable utilization of visuals.

This is a highly functional week that will enable you to acquire basic presentation skills and give you the chance to practice these skills in a safe and amicable environment. Once you are confident and sure of your presentation skills, our educators will give you additional tips to further improve your skills. Good presentation skills is a crucial factor that segregates a successful employee from a struggling employee. It is the need of the hour.


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