Interview Preparation week

Interview Preparation week
01 Jan 1970

Interview Preparation week

The Interview Skills week targets preparing you to crack interviews. This session guides you about approaches to feature your accomplishments and commitments to demonstrate your worth to prospective employers

The Interview Skills week targets preparing you to crack interviews. This session guides you about approaches to feature your accomplishments and commitments to demonstrate your worth to prospective employers. To begin with, you will find out about the standards of competency-based management and the difficulties of the selection process.

Training Outcome:

At the end of the Interview Skills module, you will have the option to:

• Anticipate interview questions as indicated by the work requirements.

• Practice interview skills as an interviewee.

• Use mock interviews to create mindfulness on interviewing methods to get ready for future interviews.


Preparation prior to Interview:

Our educators have researched that Interview preparation starts before actually facing the interviewers. So as to be effective in interviews, interviewees must be arranged extensively. One needs to comprehend the position and afterward ensure your profile relates to the necessities. After comprehending the position, one should be solid and steady to respond to the questions that are probably going to be posted.

The mentors lay emphasis on certain important aspects, which are:


Know the organization

Find out as much as possible about the organization, for example, the organization’s yearly reports. Explore the organization's rivals and their products. Such research permits you to evaluate whether there would be a job fit for you.


Know yourself

Your own qualities are very basic. How accomplish you work under stress? What procedures do you use? What are your qualities? What sort of executive style do you lean toward working with? What keeps you persuaded?


Know the job

You should completely comprehend the set of responsibilities associated with the job. Analyze the situation to find out more about related positions.


Interview Questions Preparation:

The focus of this week’s training is on answering various kinds of questions in an interview. Generally, interviewers utilize open-end questions during the interview. Open-end questions are expressed with the end goal that you are urged to expound in your answer at some length. If interviewers somehow managed to ask you just yes/no questions, it would not give you any chance to communicate your characteristics.


 Example of open-ended questions:

• Tell us about your academic background.

• What attracts you to this position?

Our team at the British School of Language has categorized the interview questions in 3 broad categories:


Conventional Questions:

These questions are utilized to test the basic abilities and experience required by the job. They are regularly utilized as a lead in to conduct based inquiries that test more inside and out every one of your skills, like • What is the best worth you bring to the association? • Do you function admirably with terms? • What is your authority and the management style?


Situation based Questions:

These questions present theoretical conditions and give you the chance to depict an ideal circumstance or how you would manage a situation.

For instance • What kind of individual would you enlist for this position? • What might you with a worker who is always behind schedule for work?  How might you guarantee long haul accomplishment with our organization within your first week?


Conduct-based Questions:

 Questioners like to distinguish and decide work-related achievement factors, for example, specialized aptitudes, information, conduct, execution, and inspiration. These inquiries permit questioners to decide whether you have shown qualities and capacities required for the given position. There are numerous conduct based questions you can use to plan for your interviews.

Tell me about an occasion when you discovered mistakes in your work.

 What caused them? What did you do about them? Enlighten me concerning the most inventive business-related venture you have finished.

Describe a creative thought you built up that prompted the achievement of an organizational activity


Addressing interview questions

Answering questions is the most basic aspect of the meeting. On the off chance that you need consistency in your answers, almost certainly, you won't have the option to exhibit that you are the most ideal contender for the activity. As a component of your clarification to interview questions, utilize solid examples. Evaluate and delineate every expertise and involvement in an organized way.



Mock Interview

Directions: One of the participants will be playing the role of interviewer. Assume you have a time constraint to judge whether there is a person-job fit or not. You have to have a brilliant comprehension of the activity and plan questions to guarantee you accumulate essential data about the up-and-comers proficiently. Ask however many open-ended questions as would be prudent. Abstain from asking yes/no questions. So as to plan for the interview, you have to foresee the questions just as the appropriate responses. Additionally, recall the 3 phases of the meeting. The opening, the information exchange, and the end.


For thorough preparation, here are a few questions:

a. What capabilities or affirmations will be applicant need to have?

b. What characteristics will the applicant have to fit the organization's culture?

c. What past experience should the applicant have had?



Consistently, a great many fresh graduates get disappointed looking for an occupation. Numerous graduates, while knowledgeable in their own subjects, may not get their first foot in the entryway due to their absence of readiness. A few graduates believe that interviews do not need any planning

The fundamental target of the Interview Skills module is to prepare learners,

graduates and employment searchers with information and methods to adequately handle the interview process, and have a positive impression with their potential employer by strengthening their quality, experience, and suitability for the activity being referred to.

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