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The IELTS tutorial and General Writing Segments are similar in some ways that and totally different in others. Whichever look you are doing; you have got one hour to finish 2 tasks.

IELTS Writing

The IELTS tutorial and General Writing Segments are similar in some ways that and totally different in others. Whichever look you are doing; you have got one hour to finish 2 tasks. It is the character of the tasks that makes them totally different. for a few candidates, it’s terribly tempting to write down the maximum amount as they'll within the one hour given within the Writing section — they need to actually showcase their range of vocabulary and their ability to write down long sentences the toughest part regarding the writing section is generating concepts and examples that are specific to the task question then ensuring you write enough text all among the point in time.



Task 1

Minimum: 150 words

        Marks:    20 minutes

       Letter Writing – informal, semi-formal, or formal


Task 2

Minimum: 250 words

Marks:    40 minutes

Writing a more personal essay – possible informal style


You may be asked to produce info, build suggestions, express likes, and dislikes, or present complaints, opinions, or views. This section lasts for one hour and includes a pair of tasks. Task 2 carries a lot of marks than Task 1. Therefore, you will wish to divide it slowly as follows:

 Evaluation of General Writing tasks depends on the subsequent criteria:

• Task accomplishment - how thoroughly you are doing what is asked

• Lexical Resource - the vary of vocabulary you employ

• Grammatical range and Accuracy - how correct your synchronic linguistics is


Task 1
You are asked to put in writing a letter to a friend, office, or social group. the amount of ritual depends on who you are writing to and the way well you recognize them, therefore the style could also be formal, semi-formal, or informal. you are given a quick description of a haul or scenario followed by bulleted directions on what to incorporate in your letter. ensure you pen every one of the points mentioned. also use acceptable descriptive linguistics, capitalization, and punctuation.
It will conjointly facilitate to scan through many sample tests to each acquaint yourself with the sort of things presented, and to be told a way to write these sorts of letter answers simply, correctly, and quickly.


Task 2
You must write a minimum 250-word essay on a subject of general interest. you may have to be compelled to solve a problem, share your opinion, or compare differing viewpoints on a given topic.
The usual rules of fine essay writing apply. Arrange before you write, use varied structure, utilize linking words to connect concepts, use dynamic and rich vocabulary to place your thoughts across, watch out for your spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.


Academic Writing:

Task 1

Minimum 150 words

Rendering, unfolding, or linking information presented in graphic form - a diagram, bar chart, line graph, pie chart or table


Task 2

Minimum 250 words

Writing an essay on a wide-ranging scholarly topic – formal style

In both cases, your score is built on three vital criteria:

Content: How well do you express your opinions, thoughts, and suggestion?

Quality: How efficiently are you able to link your concepts and opinions?

Technical Features: How precise is your grammar? How rich is your vocabulary? How wide-ranging are your sentences?


Academic Writing: ways in which band scores granted for Academic Writing?

This criterion assesses however applicable, correct, and relevant the response is, in fulfilling the necessities set out within the task.

Task 1:

Task achievement
Academic Writing Task 1 contains a defined input and a mostly sure output. it is an information-based exercise that is connected narrowly to the factual content of the knowledge. This task needs a minimum of a hundred and fifty words long.

Task 2:

Task response
In both the writing test, academic and General training, Task 2 desires the examinee to express relevancy in each prompt within the type of a matter or statement. concepts ought to be supported by proof and examples are also drawn from the test-takers' own expertise. test takers are fined if they are doing not cover all the points within the question. Responses should be a minimum of 250 words long. you have got an hour to complete 2 writing tasks. you need to complete each task to get a score.


Guidelines for Writing test

1.There are no right or wrong answers or opinions. The examiners are assessing how well you will use your English to report info and specific ideas.
2. Analyse the queries rigorously to create certain your answer addresses all the points lined by the question at the end if you have got time.
3. take care to use your own words because the examiner will not embody words traced from the question within the word count.
4. you need to write each of your answers fully, not in note type or in bullet points. you need to prepare your ideas in paragraphs, to indicate to the examiner that you simply can organize
your main and supporting points.

5. you ought not to write terribly long sentences to try to well in your Writing test. If sentences are too long, they will decrease coherent and create it harder for you to regulate the grammar.
6. In academic Writing Task 1 you need to choose and compare relevant data from the knowledge presented in a graph, table, or diagram. Use your own words. you should not try and interpret or offer reasons for the data; keep your response factual.

7. Task 2 of the academic writing test is an essay. Do not forget to arrange your essay structure before you begin writing. you ought to embody an introduction, ideas to support your argument or opinion, real-life examples for instance your points, and a conclusion supported the knowledge you have provided.
8. you have got forty minutes to jot down your Task 2 essay. check that you offer yourself up to 5 minutes to arrange your answer before you begin writing. additionally, leave 5 minutes at the top to review your answer and check for mistakes.
9. Memorizing a model answer for the Writing test will not assist you. The examiner can see that your answer does not match the subject of the essay.
10. create your position or purpose of view as clear as doable in your essay for educational Writing Task 2. Your last paragraph ought to be a conclusion that is according to the arguments you have got included in your essay


TOEFL Writing Test

The TOEFL Writing section is planned to evaluate your skill to write in English in a scholarly setting, and you are expected to be able to express your thoughts in a clear, well-planned way.


There are 2 writing tasks

Integrated writing task (20 minutes) — read a brief text and listen to a brief lecture, then write in answer to what you read and listened to.

Writing task (30 minutes) — write an essay built on personal knowledge or belief in response to a writing theme.

You will type your answers on a computer keyboard. Replies are directed to ETS (Educational Testing Service), where they are recorded by a combination of Artificial Intelligence evaluating and certified examiners to ensure justice and quality.

      Fifty minutes are allotted to complete the Writing section.


The Integrated Task in TOEFL Writing

The integrated writing task will necessitate you to read a brief text, listen to a lecture, and then write an essay that utilizes info from both sources. The integrated writing task is one of the more thought-provoking parts of the TOEFL as it gives you an opportunity to gather information from several sources and create it into one strong argument.


It is a lot of robust tasks than the independent essay in most cases, however, it is also more appealing. The independent essay topics are essentially simple—otherwise, you would not have time to answer the question absolutely. however with the integrated tasks, you've got a lot of info to figure with, thus you'll manage slightly a lot of complicated, academic topics
The integrated task may be on a wide variety of topics, as well as business, fine arts, history, social science, and so on. As within the reading section, you may be asked to jot down an academic topic. In different words, nearly everything that might be taught in an entry-level course is fair game for the reading passage and therefore the listening passage, though you won’t encounter the laborious sciences, math, and so on, since these would be unnecessarily tough to jot down about.

Integrated Prompts
Before you write your integrated essay, you may read a paragraph and hear a lecture excerpt. each can manage the same topic, though they will likely supply completely different opinions or interpretations of it. you may typically have about three minutes to read the subject, and therefore the lecture will be concerning the same length.
Needless to mention that it'll be terribly tough to stay all that info straight in your head. you may be ready to read the reading passage whereas writing your essay, however, if you've got time in the three-minute reading amount, you continue to ought to think about commencing to write down the key points from it for straightforward reference.

Responding to Integrated Tasks
In the independent essay, you are asked to administer your opinion on a problem. That is not the case within the integrated task. the maximum amount as possible, keep your thoughts and opinions out of it; the questions are typically phrased in a way that encourages you to match the resources you got with very little to no thought for what you think. Focus on the material that you simply heard within the lecture.
If you consider the official ETS score guide for TOEFL Integrated Writing, you will notice that typically an efficient response would be 150-225 words. It is concerning the maximum amount because the 1st 2 paragraphs of this text combined. thus from the start, started out with a concept of what you wish to mention and wherever you wish to finish up, and when structuring your essay, take the most direct route to get you there.


Guidelines to Improve Your Writing Skills

Read at least one long article in English from a magazine or a website every day.

Read brief but thought-provoking scholarly articles in magazines and on websites in your own language each day.

Exercise merging material you have got and read into a written summary.

Get a book that communicates the diverse types of linking words.

Exercise English writing and typing daily.

Focus on grammar


Learn the association of good sections and essays.

Pay attention to how you organize ideas.

Keep on refining your English writing skill.


PTE Academic Writing

For this item sort, you would like to write down a 200-300-word essay back to a prompt. you have got twenty minutes to write down your essay.

Summarize text
You need to write down an outline of the text in one sentence. you have ten minutes to write down your outline. ensure to incorporate the most points of the reading passage in a very full, single sentence of a maximum of seventy-five words


Part 1: Speaking & Writing (75 – 95 Minutes)

In Part 1 you will be tried on your speaking and writing ability. The time allotted to this section is 75-95 minutes.

The writing segment will necessitate you to write answers in academic English utilizing precise grammar and spelling.


    Guidelines to ace Essay Writing

1.Be attentive to the directions i.e. the word limit (200-300 words)
2. Browse the subject and grasp the kind of essay
3. Make sure that you write in academic English
4. Avoid using bullet points
5. Write in clear and crisp paragraphs
6. Avoid the jargons at all cost
7. Build correct use of the phrases
8. Show variations of straightforward and complex sentences
9. Be very careful with grammar, for instance, tenses, singular/ plural
10. Make certain to put in writing correct spellings
11. Take note concerning capitalization at the beginning and additionally in between the sentences
12. Correct punctuations can raise the marks
13. Support your concepts with relevant examples
14. Never mention several concepts in an exceedingly single paragraph because the probabilities of many of them being extraneous are high
15. Always check the essay once finishing it by spending 2-3 minutes
16. Check for all the minor and major mistakes that you used to build whereas practicing particularly spelling errors


Tips to enhance Score in Summarize written language
1. Read the instruction rigorously and see the word limit i.e. between 5-75 words
2. Write in precisely ONE sentence
3. Practise putting in writing sentences. Use sentence wisely
4. Use the connectors with competence as grammar matters a lot
5. Extract the most ideal of the given text
6. Notice the word count at the bottom
7. Recheck the sentence for punctuations, grammar & spellings errors



The writing tasks are designed to measure your English skill; thus you do not need deep information on specialized topics to induce a high score. Raters acknowledge that every essay could be the 1st draft, and you'll be able to receive a high score with an essay that contains some errors. several students suppose massive words can result in a big score; that's not true. using words that build a student uncomfortable on any standardized test will result in miscommunication, and lower scores. Students who need to clear standard test ought to specific their ideas clearly.

We provide our students with ways for writing clearly and straightforward to know. some easy exercises will build confidence on test day. Reading newspapers and magazines, being attentive to news analyses on tv or radio, and collaborating in discussions and debates concerning problems and issues all assist you to build a foundation for your writing skills.

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