French course A1


French is a language spoken by around 220 million individuals across the five continents. It is the second most generally learned unknown dialect after English, and the 6th most broadly communicated language on the planet. Not just this it is also the second-most broadly spoken first language in the European Union. 1/5 of Europeans who don't have French as a first language communicate in French as a subsequent language. Among the most requested unknown dialects, French is the most intriguing and the simplest language. It is additionally the main language other than English which is taught in each nation on the planet. France works the greatest global system of social establishments, which run French-language courses for close to a millions of students.

There are numerous advantages of learning French. Some advantages of learning French language are:

  • Learn about the ancient culture
  • More value to job applicants
  • Travelling easy
  • Opens up the doors of opportunities
  • Easy to learn and grasp 

French levels of CEFR-

CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference. According to CEFR French is divided into four levels of learning.

A1 - Beginner

A2 - Elementary

B1 - Intermediate

B2 - Upper Intermediate

C1 - Advanced

C2- Master Proficient

 “Little by little one walks far” – British School of Language (BSL) strongly shows advocacy to this. To become masters in French it is very important to be a beginner first. BSL introduces Online French course A1 for the candidates who can use, perceive and utilise familiar words and straightforward expressions for solid purposes. They can present themselves to others or introduce another person. They can ask and answer fundamental inquiries about family, home, environmental factors, and so forth. They can talk in a basic manner when the other individual talks gradually and obviously, and is prepared to rehash or reformulate to support correspondence.

Online French course A1 level is the most basic level of French language learning and there are five more levels after. British School of language has both offline and Online French course A1 level available for all the candidates with perspective of teaching French because we understand the importance of communication with other native speakers for professional works. BSL teaches online French course A1 level with the help of experienced and high skilled faculty at a very affordable price. So be a star in a crowd by Joining BSL Online French course A1 today.  

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